Jul – Aug Thai TGIF Playlist

My reservist have finally ended! Have been sleeping and been on duty for past 2 weeks.
Thought I would have time for a few entries today. But work and sleep caught up with me. Will be posting happenings for the past 2 weeks. Not much though.

Meanwhile, my TGIF Playlist to end the week.

Afrojack & Shermanology – Cant Stop Me Now (Anndyk Remix)
Original version by Afrojack & Shermanology is also nice.

Afrojack – Bangduck
Much prefer DJ Yin remix though, it’s God mode!!! Nuff said, click the link yo (NSFW).

I found quite abit of peeps looking for Thai songs. Must be the effects of Thai Discos (girls) in SG or Bangkok.
Some groovy Thai songs to end the week. Chill out with some of my favorite bands.

โอมจงเงย : STAMP Feat. JOEY BOY, ตู่ ภพธร [Official MV]

ที่รัก (เธอ) : เอก สุระเชษฐ์ [Official MV]


คนที่แสนดี TONY PHEE Feat.Q flure [Official mv]


Official MV คิดมาก Palmy

// Palmy is one of my favorite Thai female artiste. She’s so cool! By cool I mean she has the Hipster relax attitude. Watch this MV if you’re feeling alittle down and need a pick me up.

Groove with ETC, one of the lasting music band that keep producing quality tracks.

ปัจจุบัน : ETC – Love & Hope Project [Official Audio]

Ok last one, emo Thai track. Those who go to The Novel (former Route 66 Live) or Funky Villa will get to hear this song sung live by Yes’Sir Days. Not only will you hear from the band themselves, everyone in the Live hall will sing together. You see many guys and gals suffering from their complicated relationship or nursing broken heart will sing the chorus at the top of their voice. Super emo de.
Learn this song in deungdutjai

เจ็บไปรักไป – Yes’sir Days [Official MV] Jep Pai Ruk Pai (Keep Hurting, Keep Loving)

Let’s look forward to a fantastic August with long weekend ahead! Imma so looking forward to it.
Cos it’s my short getaway trip with Miss HB to Batam. My first time to Indonesia! LOL!


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