HWZ – EDMW Acronyms and Lingo // For Fun

Some topics I read in HWZ Eat Drink Man Woman forum very hard to understand.
Not because I don’t know about all these lingo.  But their collection is damn pro.

I thought it’ll be interesting to share it. For fun sake.

EDMW Glossary

A list of the unique (or weird) acronyms and lingo used by EDMWers.
Warning : Usage outside of EDMW will probably make you sound like a moron and kena ridicule jialat jialat
This collection now has a total of 274 terms!

General tips for understanding EDMWish :

1. Replace the letter “L” with the letter “R” and pronounce accordingly.
Look – Rook
Lock – Rock
Plus – Prus

2. Add the letter “S” in front of words that start with “ex”.
Expose – Sexpose|
Experience – Sexperience

3. Spell the word backwards.
Slow – Wols

4. Many terms are simply mispronounced words and spelled to reflect that pronunciation.
Just say the word out loud and you will probably know what it means.
It helps alot if you understand hokkien.
Why – Huai
What – Huat
Is – Ish
Clone – Krone

Disclaimer // Like I mentioned, this entry is just for fun nia.
Incase you’re very proper with your language, cannot take jokes or your eyes cannot take expletives. Then don’t click on the link below.
Not suitable for folks under 17.

+1 : +1 Post Count. Serves no purpose other than to increase one’s post count. (see also WOB)
Can also be used favourably as a “bump” or “up” to keep the thread active.

10 Char : 10 Characters. Use in short replies to overcome the “at least 10 characters” message length limit imposed by the forum.

10KKJ : Tampines. KKJ = Penis, hence, 10KKJ = 10Penis = Ten-Penis = Tampines

10Penis : (see 10KKJ)

66.6% : Refers to the majority of Singaporeans who voted for PAP.
Usually used sarcastically when the government implements some undesirable policies.
eg. 66.6%, are you happy now that you have to pay extra 2% GST?
Origin : During the 2006 general election, PAP won with a 66.6% vote. This number probably got the attention of people due to 666 being the number of the devil.

125 : Carry Balls. (see PLP)
Origin : The hand gesture for PLP is to bend the middle and ring fingers, with the remaining 3 fingers slightly bend and pointing upwards.
Thumb, Index, Pinky = 1st, 2nd, 5th fingers

141th Media : Refers to the Singapore Mass Media.
Singapore was ranked 141 out of 169 in the “Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007” by “Reporters Without Borders”.

146th Media : (obsolete) Refers to the Singapore Mass Media.
Singapore was ranked 146 out of 168 in the “Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006” by “Reporters Without Borders”.

154th Media : Refers to the Singapore Mass Media.
Singapore was ranked 154 out of 195 in the “2007 Freedom of the Press World Ranking” by “Freedom House”.

Abalone : Vagina. (Look at a picture of an opened abalone and add in some imagination)

ABNN : Ah Bu Neh Neh. A possibly racist term that refers to an Indian person.

Afternoon Burger : Refers to burgers that are only sold in the afternoon (typically after 11am) in some fast food restaurants, as opposed to those in the breakfast menu.

Ah Kun : An imaginary friend.
Origin : In the MediaCorp TV Series, Metamorphosis 破茧而出, a character Jin Yong Jian suffers from split personality disorder. Yong Jian refers to his split personality as Ah Kun.

Ah Tiong : China Person (possibly racist).
Tiong = 中
Tiong Kok = 中国 = China (see also XLN)
Some people may argue that “Ah Tiong” is the name for a certain EDMWer with an orange head…

AJZM : Ai Jiak Zua Mai (hokkien) = Want to eat snake? (literally) = Want to skive?

Angwee : Angry

APPM : Ai Piak Piak Mai (hokkien, see ASGM, Piak Piak)

ASGM : Ai Sio Gan Mai (hokkien) = Want to have sex?

ASK : Ah Sia Kia (hokkien) = Rich Kid

ASL : Age Sex Location. Posts as a question to ask for the age, sex and location of another person. Usually used in internet chat rooms.

ASW : Attention Seeking Whore

ATB : Ah Tiong Bu (possibly racist) = China Woman (see also Ah Tiong, XLN)

Autobot : An autobot is a faction of the fictional sentient robots called Transformer. (see Transformer)

BBM : Broke Back Mountain. Related to gays.
Origin : Brokeback Mountain is a movie about the sexual relationship between two men.

BCC : Better Cover Car-chng. (see CC)
Origin : From the SG-made film, Just Follow Law (我在政府部门的日子)

BCF : Big Cannon Fairy. (see Cannon Fairy)

Beethoven : 背多分 (chinese) = Back scores more points = The back view (of a person) is more attractive than the front.
(Nothing to do with the musician in any way)

Beh (Buay) Kan : (hokkien) Literally means Cannot F**k = Useless, weak or cannot make it.

Bend : Ban. Usually means to ban a person.

BFF : Best Friend Forever

BHB : Buay Hiao Bai (hokkien) = Do not know what ugliness is = Feels no shame or embarrassment.

BK : Bun Knife = Bao Toh (hokkien) = To tattletale on, blow the whistle, snitch

Blocker : Some text that people put at the start of their thread to prevent/block others from peeking at the content when you place your mouse cursor over a thread.
In EDMW, it is considered bad etiquette to put a blocker when you starts a thread to ask some questions.

BMW : Bus MRT Walk. Refers to 3 cheapest mode of transport.

Bookam : (see Dutty Yeah)

Boyzillion : Boyzilian = Brazilian Wax for guys

BRB : Be Right Back, Bath Room Break (this takes priority in threads with pictures of pretty girls, or boys or whatever you find sexually appealing…)

BSOD : Blue Screen Of Death. Refers to the critical system error seen in Microsoft Windows.

BTH : Buay Tah Han (hokkien) = Cannot take/resist it anymore

BTSS : Bian Tai Shu Shu (chinese) = Perverted uncle.

Buang : (malay) To throw or discard. Usually used to mean that something is no good.

Bukit Timah : BT = Bit Torrent

Bus3rd : A creative way of writing “B_a_s_t_a_r_d”. Also bypasses the forum’s censor system.

Buttseck : Butt Sex = Anal Sex

Buwee : Bully

BWG : Boh Wei Gong (hokkien) = Nothing to say

BYO : Bring Your Own

Camel Toe : (from Wikipedia) A slang term that refers to the outline of the female labia majora (that’s vagina for the uninitiated) when seen through tight, form-fitting clothes (eg. bikini, swimsuit).

Cannon Fairy : (chinese, Cannon = 大炮, Fairy = 仙) = Someone who is full of hot air, talks big with no substance, bullcrapping.

CBF : Can’t Be F**ked = Can’t be bothered

CC : Cover Car-chng = To take preemptive measures to avoid or get out of trouble. (see also BCC)
Origin : From the SG-made film, Just Follow Law (我在政府部门的日子)

Cham Siong : (hokkien) To negotiate or come to an agreement in order to get out of trouble or reach some favourable objectives.

Cheese Pie : Mispronunciation of a hokkien word. Female reproductive organ.

Chiu : You

Chiur : Your

CIM : Come In Mouth (usually used in a sexually context)

Claypot : Opposite of jackpot

Climb : Climb Bukit Timah Hill (see Bukit Timah)

Climb Hill : Climb Bukit Timah Hill (see Bukit Timah)

CMI : Cannot Make It

CnC : Comments and Criticism

Cow Touncil : Town Council

Crone : Clone (Account). An account created to hide/mask one’s original identity. Usually for dubious purposes.

CSB : Cool Story Bro. Typically used as a sarcastic reply to some posts/comments that you do not really care for or do not believe in. Use it like a +1. (see +1)

CSI : Crime Scene Investigation. Means to investigate.
Origin : CSI is the name of a USA TV series about forensic scientists.
Side note : EDMW has a CSI team that is very talented and resourceful. Be good and do not test their skills. Many have tried and regretted. They are watching you…

CSS : Cool Story Sis. Used when the poster is a female. (see Cool Story Bro)

Diam : (malay) Keep quiet, shut up

Digger : Someone who posts a reply in an old, usually meaningless thread. This act is called digging a thread and is not encouraged. Persistent mindless digging may results in a ban.

Dip Dip : Deep Deep = Very much, a lot, deeply. Frequently used together with “Lub”. Eg. I ish lub chiu dip dip. (see also Lub)

Die Why Die : DVD

DNB : Dua Neh Bu (hokkien) = Big Bosom Woman

DNN : Dua Neh Neh (hokkien) = Big Bosom

Do a barrel row : Use like a “+1”. (see +1)
Origin : (from Wikipedia) The phrase “Do a barrel roll!” has become a popular Internet meme. The meme originated as a quotation from Peppy Hare in the video game Star Fox for SNES, and has since been made popular in Star Fox 64, where it was also said by Peppy. In the games, you peform barrel rolls with Starfox’s aircraft, the Arwing, which deflects enemy lasers. It is most often cited on websites such as 4chan, GameFAQs and YTMND. The term was commonly used by callers to Tom Green’s online show to heckle him prior to the implementation of a call screener.

DP : Display Picture = Avatar

DTA : Don’t Trust Anyone, Don’t Tell Anyone

Durex : Deluxe (Deluxe Member). Refers to the HWZ DMCard Membership.

Dutty Yeah : A Jamaican sign off. Use like a “+1”. (see also +1, Bookam, Zagga)

EDMW : Eat-Drink-Man-Woman (refers to the forum or forumites)

EDMW Useless : A phrase started by a certain grandfather in EDMW. Used like a “+1” when asking EDMW to do something, and the response or result is not satisfactory.

Emo : Emotional

En Pee En Tee : NPNT (see NPNT)

Epik Phail : Epic Fail = Failure of epic proportions

Fap : Onomatopoeic (ie. sound word) for male masturbation. Possibly originated from Japanese manga as a sound effect for masturbation.

FCP : Fake Cheese Pie (see Cheese Pie)

Fish Seller : Selfish

FR : Field Report

FT/FW : Foreign Talent/Foreign Worker

FTW : For The Win

Fugly : F**king Ugly = Extremely ugly

GCP : Golden Cheese Pie. Generally used in a derogatory manner.
It refers to girls who think they are exceptionally attractive.
Hence deserving, even demanding special (materialistic) attention from guys.

GG : Good Game. Use to mean “Game Over” or “The End”.
Origin : (from Wikipedia) An internet slang exchanged by players at or near the conclusion of a gaming match to describe a game that is very one sided and therefore considered already over. It may also be used at the end of a close game or match as a sign of good sportsmanship, signaling that it was a good competition.

GGDD : Gong Gong Dai Dai (hokkien) = Stupid

Ghey : Gay

GIYBF : Google Is Your Best Friend. A polite way of telling someone to use Google to search for whatever he/she is looking for.

GL : Geylang

GLGT : Got Link Got Talk (see NPNT)

GLHF : Good Luck Have Fun (mainly used in online gaming), Guai Lan Hor F**ker

Goot Pocoyo : An imaginery friend of a certain EDMWer who is a “buibui + small eater” and who likes to “bruff chewren”.

GPGT : Got Picture Got Talk (see NPNT)

GTFO : Get The F**k Out

GVGT : Got Video Got Talk (see NPNT)

GX : Gong Xi (chinese) = 恭喜 = Congratulations

H81 : Hotel 81 = A chain of budget hotels

Hannor : (singlish) Agreed, that’s right

Himbo : Male Bimbo

HL : Hao Lian (hokkien) = Show off

Hmmm Zai : (hokkien) Don’t know

HMV : Home Made Video

Hokay : Okay (mispronunciation) = OK

Horse : 马 = 码 = Code = Mosaic. Relates to pornographic materials.

Hougang Chalet : Institute of Mental Health (Woodbridge Hospital)
Origin : IMH is located in Hougang

HTH : Hope This Helps

Huai : Why

Huat : What. Also means to prosper in hokkien.

Hum Ji : (hokkien) Gutless, Kiasi, Wimp, Chicken out

Hum Sup : (cantonese) 咸湿 = Lecherous, indecent, sordid. Used as an adjective to describe a person.

IIRC : If I Remember Correctly

IM Thread : Instant Messaging Thread. A thread whose topic involves/targets the thread starter and another person only.
This is usually frown on and is recommended that PM (Private Messages) or IM (eg. MSN) be used instead.

IMBA : Imbalance (usually used in the context of computer games where some units/items are overly powerful as compared to others).

IMHO : In My Honest/Humble Opinion

IMO : In My Opinion

IRC : If Remember Correctly

Ish : Is

Jiu Hu : (hokkien) Johor

KC Trap : Kum Cheng Trap = Feelings Trap.
Refers to a situation where a man falls for a woman (typically a prostitute), and pays dearly for it (monetarily and emotionally).

KCI : Kar Chng Itchy = Backside itchy. Kar Chng (hokkien) = Backside

KKJ : Ku Ku Jiao (hokkien) Male reproductive organ.

KNN : Kan Ni Na (hokkien) A very rude and vulgar phrase.

KNNB : Kan Ni Na Bu (hokkien) A very rude and vulgar phrase.

KNNBCCB : Kan Ni Na Bu Chao Chee Bye (hokkien) A very rude and vulgar phrase.

KPKB : Kow Peh Kow Bu (hokkien for Cry Father Cry Mother) = Making a lot of noises or complaints.

Krone : Clone (see Crone)

Kthxbye : Very concise version of “Ok, thanks, bye”. Signifies in a hurry, said and gone. Sometimes used like a “+1”.

Kumsiahamidas : Thank you. EDMWified version of Kamsa Hamnida (korean)

Lagi : More, even more (malay)

Lawl : (sound word) Pronunciation of LOL

LC : Low Class

LHD : Left Hand Drive

Lip Lai : (hokkien) = Come in.

LLST : Lan Lan Suck Thumb (singlish) = Nothing can be done, just accept it

LOL : Laugh/Laughing Out Loud

LOLS/LOLX/LOLZ : Meaningless variant of LOL (see LOL)

LPPL : Lan Pah Pah Lan (hokkien) = Caught in both directions = Bang balls

Lub : Love

Lup Sup : (hokkien) Dirty

Mai Beo : Don’t peek (hokkien). This is usually typed by the thread starter as a blocker. (see Blocker)

MHBP : Mai Hiam Buay Pai (hokkien) = Don’t be fussy, it’s not (that) bad

MILF : Mother I’d Like to F**k (generally refers to older women who are sexually attractive)

MIW : Men In White. Refers to the political party, People’s Action Party (PAP), of Singapore.
Origin : White is the official colour of PAP and members are often seen wearing in white in party events.
Another reason this term caught on may be due to the parody nature to the term “Men in Black” (MIB), which is a top-secret government agency in conspiracy theories.

MKLGHLG : Mai Ka Li Gong Hor Li Gian (hokkien) = Don’t want to tell you, let you yearn for it

MKLTWS : Meng Kia, Long Tio Wu Siah (hokkien) = Literally “Don’t be scared, if hit got sound”. Use to tell someone to do things boldly.
Origin : Probably originated from the army, when a tonner driver is carefully reversing his vehicle and people sitting at the back will shout out the phrase to get the driver to reverse boldly.

MLMLWM : Mai La Mai La Wa Mai (hokkien). It means, Don’t want, don’t want, I don’t want.

MO : Mass Order

Moi : My or Me

More good years ahead : Use like a “+1” mostly in threads on unpleasant topics, eg. when the government raises tax. (see +1)
Origin : Possibly first used by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong as a good wishes to the people.
And later adapted as a personal sign off by an EDMWer who is possibly the first person in EDMW with a PhD.

MYOB : Mind Your Own Business

NATO : No Action Talk Only

NBNBNLM : No Boobies No Beauty Nobody Love Me (usually used by females)

Nekkid : Naked

NHNT : No Head No Tail. Use in a thread that does not seem to make any sense.

Nia : Only (hokkien). Use at the end of a sentence to play down something that has been overestimated.

NLNT : No Link No Talk (see NPNT)

NMNHNLM : No Money No Honey Nobody Love Me (usually used by males)

NMP3NT : No MP3 No Talk (see NPNT)

No Horse Run : Boh Bey Zhao (hokkien). Use to describe someone/something that is so ahead of its peers/competition that nothing else can be compared to it.
Origin : From horse racing jargon?

NPHTT : No Picture/Proof How To Talk

NPJTT : No Picture/Proof Just Talk Talk

NPNT : No Picture No Talk (EDMW No.1 rule : Do not make a thread/claim without pictures to proof/support)

NSFW : Not Safe For Work. Usually used to indicate that the content of the thread is not safe to view during work (eg. contains nudity)

NWMANT : No WMA No Talk (see NPNT)

OCB : Orh Chee Bye (hokkien, vulgar) = Female masturbation

OKT : Orh Kui Tao (hokkien) = Pimp. Literally means “tortoise head”.

OL : Office Lady

OMAN : Recurring joke in EDMW. Now used to mean self-pwned
Story has it that an EDMWer (identity protected) posted very confidently,
“Did you all know that there is no country starting with the letter O?”
Many others then rebutted, stating that OMAN is a country.

OMG : Oh My God = To exclaim surprise or disgust

OMGWTFBBQ : Oh My God What The F**k Barbeque. Meaningless extension of OMG and WTF. (see OMG, WTF)

ONS : One Night Stand

Orleng Tao : Literally means “Orange Head”. Refers to an EDMWer whose avatar is a cartoonish character with a huge orange head.
He is infamous for his mostly WOB threads and posts, and his entire clan of clones. His main account was banned in Feb 2008.

OT : Off Topic

Parroting : The act of copying the reply of a previous poster. Use like a +1. (see +1)

Paul Lampard : Por Lan Pa (hokkien, see PLP)

PCB : Phua Chee Bye (hokkien). A very rude and vulgar phrase.

PCC : Pak Chiu Cheng (hokkien) = Male masturbation
Alternate : Can also means “Play Chinese Chess” when trying to cover your tracks or mislead someone.

PCW : Post Count Warrior/Whore

PDF : Pedophile (probably originated from the misspell word “Pedofile”, which gives raise to the acronym PDF)

PDMM : Pei Du Ma Ma (chinese) = A mother who accompanies her overseas studying child. Typically refers to people from China.

Pek Cek : (hokkien) Frustrated

Perbird : Pervert

Pew Pew Pew : Sound of laser weapons firing. Use like a “+1”. (see +1)

Piak Piak : (sound words) = Sexual Intercourse.

PLP : Por Lan Pa (hokkien) = Carry balls = To butter up, to brown-nose

Prawn : Porn

Pruss Satu : Plus Satu (Satu is 1 in malay, see +1)

Pruss Wan : Plus One (see +1)

PS : Photoshop (usually used to mean that a picture is doctored)

Pwn : Implies domination and/or humiliation of another person. Originated from the typo mistake of “Own”.

Q MO : (hokkien) Curly Hair

QC : Q C = Cute C = Cutesy

QFBK : Quote For BK (see also BK)

QFT : Quoted For Truth. To quote someone’s post so that if it is edited, an original copy is saved.

Raisin : Nipple

RCP : Real Cheese Pie (see Cheese Pie)

Robert : A person who 1) overpays for something, 2) pays for something not worthwhile, 3) pays for something he’s not expected to.
Origin : Comes from the chinese/hokkien saying “砍菜头”.
菜头 = Radish = 萝卜
萝卜 sounds like “Robert”

Robert Tao : A variation of “Robert” (see Robert). Tao means “Head” in hokkien.

Roberto : A variation of “Robert” (see Robert).

Rock : Lock. Usually means to lock a thread.

RS : Radish’s Sister. It all started when the user Radish made posts about his sister. Some people then started to post pictures of pretty ladies and claimed that it is Radish’s sister (which Radish denied). Since then, in threads about/with Radish, people will talk about his sister (as a form of +1 or just to annoy him).

Run Lion : (hokkien, Zao2 Sai1 跑私) means to commit adultery, cheat on your partner. Originally, 走私 (chinese) or 跑私 (hokkien) means trafficking. In hokkien, 私 and 狮 (lion) sounds alike.

Sauce : Source

SBF : Sammy Boy Forum

Seafood : (see Prawn)

Self-Pwn : To kill/humiliate yourself, to punch yourself in the face. (see also Pwn)

Sexciting : Exciting

Sexperience : Experience

Sexpert : Expert

Sexpose : Expose

SIC : Sharing is Caring. Use when asking others to share something desirable (eg. information, links, photos)

Sicko. It runs in the family : Use like a “+1”. (see +1)

Smelly : Smiley

SMLJ : Si Mi Lan Jiao (hokkien) Usage same as WTF.

SMLJLPJ : Si Mi Lan Jiao Lan Pa Ji (hokkien, see SMLJ)

SO : Significant Other

Sofa : First reply (mainly used in chinese forums).
Origin 1 :
In some early chinese forums, a person started a thread to share some sexy pictures.
Someone then replied, “Very nice, going to sit on sofa and PCC”.
From then on, whenever some good pictures were shared, people will post “sit sofa”.
By and by, noble people who do not know the original meaning, thought that “sofa” refers to the first reply posted.
Origin 2 :
“首发” which means first post, sounds like “Sofa”

Sofa King : A creative way of writing “So F**king”. Also bypasses the forum’s censor system. Eg. TS is sofa king rich.

Spoof : Spoof thread. A thread that imitates another to make fun of the thread starter or topic.

SSRR : See See Rook Rook = See See Look Look = To browse around
Also used as a way of saying I was here and plus 1 when posted in a thread (see also +1)

Stewpig : Stupid

Stomp It : To post a news/story on the SPH website www.stomp.com.sg.

Stomper : Someone who stomps. (see Stomp It)
Stompers are mostly disliked in EDMW for the following reasons :
1. Their stories are frequently meaningless, personal complaints and/or simply a waste of time.
2. They invade other people’s privacy by posting pictures without permission.
3. They are cowards and whinners who only dare to complain/snitch about issues online instead of confronting the people involved.

SYT : Sweet Young Thing

TCP : Thread Chauvinist Pig

Techno Cheesepie : A meaningless prefix added to the word Cheese Pie. (see Cheese Pie)
Origin : In the Singapore-made movie “881”, there was a scene where the character “Auntie Ling” asked “Wang Lei” what is the meaning of “Techno”.
Wang Lei gave a long-winded nonsense answer that pissed off Auntie Ling and she scolded him “Techno Chee Ko Pek” (ie. Techno Lecher).
From then on, the word “Techno” has been added as a prefix to various terms.

This thread is not simple : Use like a “+1”. This phrase has the added advantage of sounding more intelligent. (see +1)
Another form is “XXX is not simple”, where XXX refers to a name, person or object.

TIA : Thanks In Advance

Tionged : Describes situations where someone suffered or was owned by Ah Tiongs. (see also Ah Tiong)
eg. You have been tionged!

Tiongified : Same usage as “Tionged”. (see Tionged)

Tiu : (cantonese) F**k

TKK : Tan Ku Ku (hokkien for Wait Long Long) = Something that you say in order to tell someone that an event is not likely to happen = Don’t hold your breath.

TMM : Tian Mi Mi (chinese “甜蜜蜜”) = Sweet like honey. Use to describe the feeling of very in love.

TPS : Tear Piak Shoot = Tear her panties, Piak her raw, Shoot inside.

Transformer : A transexual person

Truly Asia : Malaysia. Originated from the Malaysia tourism slogan, “Malaysia, Truly Asia”.

TS : Thread Starter, Topic Starter

Up Lorry : Means dead or is in serious trouble.
Origin : From a coffin going into a hearse. A lorry is commonly used as a hearse in Singapore.

UTFSB : Use The F**king Search Button

VPL : Visible Panty Line

Wall of Text : Use when someone posts a large chunk of text (few hundred words or more), especially when without paragraphing.
EDMWers are mostly impatient readers and are put off by wordy articles.

Wall of text hits you for 9999 damage : Use like a +1. A figurative way to describe that the poster is heavily attacked for posting the wall of text. (see Wall of Text)

Why So Serious? : Use like a “+1” (see +1)
Origin : A popular quote by the Joker, from the movie “The Dark Knight”

WKS : Won’t Kena Sack

WL : Working Lady

WOB : Waste of Bandwidth

WOLS : Slow (reverse spelling)

WOT : Wall Of Text (see Wall of Text), Waste Of Time

WTF : What the F**k

XDD : Xiao Di Di (chinese) = Small/young boy.


XLN : Xiao Long Nu (chinese) = China Woman (possibly racist). (see also Ah Tiong)

XMM : Xiao Mei Mei (chinese) = Small/young girl.

YAWOBT : Yet Another Waste Of Bandwidth Thread

YNTYNK : You Never Try, You Never Know

Zagga : (see Dutty Yeah)

Zeh Zeh : (hokkien) = Elder Sister.

ZG : Zao Geng (hokkien) = 走光 (chinese) = (Unintentional) indecent exposure

Zoolong : Jurong

吃了米 : (hokkien) Describes a person who is useless. A waste of the rice he ate.

坏人向前 坏人拉上 : Use like a “+1”. (see +1)
Origin : From the phrase “Bad man forward, bad man pull up”. There is also a song with the same name by the Jamaican artiste Ding Dong.

坐沙发 : (see Sofa)

All credits to – http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/acronyms-lingo-peculiar-edmw-1738415.html

For A to D, Click Here
For E to J, Click Here
For K to P, Click Here
For Q to V, Click Here
For W to Z, Click Here

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