Korean Hip Hop // Soul

Soul music has always been a genre I return to. The nights which I have my time alone are treasured moments.I will listen to Soul and RnB tracks while surfing or doing my work. KISUM 키썸 Feat JOOYOUNG 주영 // You And Me Catchy. KISUM is cute in this track. But JooYoung takes the cake. {Pun Intended} JOOYOUNG 주영 //... Continue Reading →


Fresh Start // Quiet Storm Playlist

My favourite version will still be Babyface's but the sound arrangement for this song is more soothing. Perfect for a quiet night for chilling.   Ever Favourite Maxwell. Adding a softer R&B track. A little heavier, but i can't resist adding a SILK track into my playlist. Chill y'all!

TGIF // Meet A9 + Wish! Playlist 8

I wrote alittle about YSL - Sac De Jour the last round of TGIF. Today, I'll introduce the love of my life, we met not too long ago.(Yeah...i was late for a year.) She's ooh so so beautiful. Her name is Beoplay A9, product of Bang & Olufusen. Since i'm not a industrial designer, have... Continue Reading →

13NOVA TGIF // JpopMashup Playlist(6)

Imma Back! I have lots to update, including my project. Meanwhile, enjoy your Friday 13.12.13! MASHUP / J-POP (Part.3) Type B Version これだけは聞いて欲しいR&B,J-POP_ Vol.2 1 / こよいキミに恋をして/AYUSE KOZUE 2 / Yes/宏実 3 / Let Me knows ya.../TOKONA-X feat AK-69 4 / Love Affair feat.kayzabro(DS455)/詩音 5 / Girlz&Boyz/So'Fly 6 Sky/ BENNIE K 7 / Jewel/B@by Soul... Continue Reading →

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