I'm back from a long break. I've learnt to declutter my mind, and transiting into minimalism. So my future post will have lesser words. See you soon!


Hair Loss Product // La Biosthetique

I'm back with regular viewership on my Shower Head from Japan. And being a avid reader of HWZ - Hair thinning problem, many bros have been vexing over this hair loss issue. But no one can pin-point on the problem. I wish to share on how I cope with my hair loss saga and what... Continue Reading →

FedEx // DYLN Bottle (Kickstarter)

Finally the wait for DYLN bottle is over, I first saw DYLN Bottle pitch in Kickstarter on January 2015. And decided to take the leap of faith to order on 19 January 2015. Amusing how my item arrives (FedEx says so) on 19 January 2016. Exactly 1 year. Their expected projected delivery was May 2015.... Continue Reading →

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