I'm back from a long break. I've learnt to declutter my mind, and transiting into minimalism. So my future post will have lesser words. See you soon!


Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo // East Coast

Located beside Siglap Centre. Parking is little hard during dinner. Careful not to park anyhow, summon auntie and uncle extremely on around the vicinity. Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen is one of the better tasting local Yong Tau Foo delicacy. You can see from the images, there's deep fried Yong Tau Foo vs water boiled Yong... Continue Reading →

Gontran Cherrier Tokyo // Shinjuku

GONTRAN CHERRIER TOKYO - Artisan Boulanger 新宿サザンテラス店   MISS HB sudden craving for croissants led her to use google to search for a good place to satisfy her desire. It's a rare occasion that this girl will lift her finger to google search for something. She took one full day reading reviews to decide for a place... Continue Reading →


Yoshinoya visit was for novelty sake. Especially my mum highly recommended it. Yoshinoya was a formidable food chain when it first started in Singapore, it was very good. A meal in Yoshinoya Singapore average at about $8-9 (sgd) I used to enjoy having Beef Bowl in the past. Now, I have to sadly say having a beef bowl lacked satisfaction.... Continue Reading →

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