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Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo // East Coast


Located beside Siglap Centre. Parking is little hard during dinner. Careful not to park anyhow, summon auntie and uncle extremely on around the vicinity.

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen is one of the better tasting local Yong Tau Foo delicacy. You can see from the images, there’s deep fried Yong Tau Foo vs water boiled Yong Tau Foo. Paired with either Chor Bee Hoon (Thick Rice Noodles) or Steamed Plain Rice. (They only have 2 selection)

Deep fried vs Boiled Yong Tau Foo //

If you wish to try the authentic taste Fu Lin offers. Try the Deep fried Yong Tau Foo. This will be the default cooking method.

You are health conscious, then go for their alternative*
Go for the boiled Yong Tau Foo. This will be my personal choice.

*Do request for your Yong Tau Foo to be cooked with water. Not deep fried.

I have to point out the main highlight of Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo is in their dark starchy gravy is the reason why i kept going back again and again.
But, to do takeaway is really another level of goodness. They separate gravy and Yong Tau Foo in different packaging.
The gravy is extremely flavourful.

I can’t say much when eating in, the standard varies. So my personal option is to do takeaway.


Next highlight will be the sweet sauce and chilli sauce combo. Excellent balance. I like mixing into my rice noodles to enhance the taste.


I haven’t try the Yong Tau Foo Fusion outlet at Telok Ayer Street. Might head there one day.

Try to go during Lunch Hours, it somewhat taste better than Dinner time. My opinion though.

Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo write up // Chin Chai Jiak 

Gontran Cherrier Tokyo // Shinjuku




MISS HB sudden craving for croissants led her to use google to search for a good place to satisfy her desire. It’s a rare occasion that this girl will lift her finger to google search for something. She took one full day reading reviews to decide for a place to go the next morning. So i know this itinerary have to be fulfilled. LOL!

And so she have decided for Gontran Cherrier Tokyo. I did raise one eyebrow, like what’s that? Ok, time to go into Navigation mode with Google Map, it’s my best trip companion beside MISS HB.

After the search for this elusive place for close to 40 minutes. It has always been right in front of us, but we didn’t perceive a pastry store to be so secluded (in a nice way).

Croissant, Financier, Pain Au Chocolat, Almond Pain Au Chocolat, Mount Blanc

Ok you see the piece of bread with white icing, I think it’s Almond Pain Au Chocolat (See picture above) That one takes the cake, i can still remember the crunch on it’s sides and how chewy the insides were. The taste was amazing. My Favourite. SUPERLIKE!
Me being a Chocolate lover. No love for Miss HB’s croissant for me.
Mount Blanc was all right.

I highly recommend Gontran Cherrier Tokyo. Like DanielFoodDiary hinted. You can skip Tiong Bahru Bakery in Singapore

Gontran Cherrier Tokyo Official Website

Ranting Panda on Gontran Cherrier Tokyo



Yoshinoya visit was for novelty sake. Especially my mum highly recommended it.

Yoshinoya was a formidable food chain when it first started in Singapore, it was very good. A meal in Yoshinoya Singapore average at about $8-9 (sgd)
I used to enjoy having Beef Bowl in the past. Now, I have to sadly say having a beef bowl lacked satisfaction. Mainly because the rice was too sticky and soft.

But Yoshinoya in home ground is a completely different story. But having a meal in Shinjuku Yoshinoya was a joyful experience.
First, the pricing is cheap! Look at the prices on the pictures of menu.
Food quality was good, their rice and beef really did set the standard back on track. Which Singapore sorely missed.
I had Hotpot Spicy Beef Set – comes with Kimchi side dish and Miso soup. I wished for the hotpot of original version, kind of regret ordering the spicy version. The uncle sitting beside me had original version was happily eating away. Damn jealous.
HB had Beef Bowl, hers was good.

Total price paid for 2 set // 1010¥

Should you go Yoshinoya Japan? YES. Especially if you’re on budget or already tired and hungry. Don’t wait any longer. Head in there and enjoy your meal.
But if you’re not a beef eater, then you will need to let them know first.

Yoshinoya Store – Location in Tokyo

Commemorate // Lee Kuan Yew 1923 – 2015

Today marks the funeral of a very intelligent man of our era. The first Prime Minister of Singapore.

These 7 days, I found a Singapore i’ve never really seen. It’s so Singaporean, we are united. There’s no arguments or complains about foreigner or MRT breakdown or government policies. Everyone was sincere and everything i see in my facebook wall were display of kindness by we Singaporeans. I find it very beautiful.

About Mr Lee, he is no doubt a man who got things done for a small nation. The iron will and foresight he had for my country was amazing. He is undeniably the man meant to build Singapore. But he surely have a great team that went through thick and thin with him – men who might have been smarter than him! But the ability to make very tough decisions and stick by it makes him outstanding.

I write this post partially to honor the first Prime Minister. But more so, As a son to a father. I somewhat understand how the present PM Lee Hsien Loong feels.
Once again, my condolences to your family on the loss of a great figure.
I feel your loss and pain.

You can be very proud of your father.

Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew.