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News Flash // Johin Yoi Yoi Hair Loss Essence Promotion



Incase readers can’t load image.

This is the offer. I am trying out this Yoi Yoi Hair Essence from Japan at the moment, so I can’t do a review as yet. You will see the effect of this Hair Essence from Phase Salon owner Ivan.
GREAT NEWS YOI YOI users! We managed to strike a great deal with our supplier & we would like to share it with our valued customers.
Purchase 1 bottle of JOHIN YOI YOI Hair Essence & get a 2nd @50% discount. (U.P $138) Available exclusively at Phase Salon.

Please call Phase Salon 6337 8337

Blk 231 Bain St #02-81 Bras Basah Complex-Blk 231 Singapore 180231

Hair Loss Care Products


I’m back with regular viewership on my Shower Head from Japan. And being a avid reader of HWZ – Hair thinning problem, many bros have been vexing over this hair loss issue. But no one can pin-point on the problem.
I wish to share on how I cope with my hair loss saga and what I’ve learnt.

My post shampoo hair care products are:

I use this essential oil product every night.

Very costly, but once to twice a year treatment is worth it. 10 ampoules can last me 4-8 weeks, depends if i need intensive treatment or maintenance.

I have gotten from 2 stores in Singapore so far. Will update more stores when i come across it.
Phase Salon – Bras Basah Complex #02-81 (Regular Hair Stylist and very experience in Hair Loss Pattern issues)
Tel: 6337 8337 (Ivy / Ivan)
Train Station: Bugis or City Hall

K1 Salon – 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore 561712 (Between POSB and NTUC)
Tel: 6552 0025
Note: They have almost everything in stock except for BIO-FANELAN REGENERANT PREMIUM, pls call them and check before heading down.
Train Station: Ang Mo Kio

If you do not have time to read through all my post, then go to the end of this post to read the most important part.

First and foremost, this post may not apply to everyone suffering from hair loss. There may have been some particular reason why you have hair loss issues and this post may not be able to help you. Below are the major reasons for hair loss symptoms.


I can identify with Stress, Diet, Over-styling, Undernourished.
Stress as always, being the main reason for Male Hair Loss Symptom.

Second, I discourage you to head straight to hair center. There’s nothing wrong in oral medication. Instead of seeking reliance on meds, you should backtrack to when the hair loss pattern started. If you can identify the possible cause of it, you will likely be able to pinpoint to the lifestyle and various habits that could have led to your hair loss.

As for me, there was a stage when I had one of the worse and most rapid stage of hair dropping, then finally I decided to put a stop to all the habits that might have cause my hair loss. Of cos I wouldn’t know which one is the one affecting my hair loss. So i dropped everything I do from my daily life and start from state zero. I literally reduced my daily food intake to only soup items, fish all noodles soup, Yong tau foo soup, fish soup with rice and salad.

Zero oil and fried food. Zero coffee and caffeine. No whey protein or supplements. No coconut oil. No dairy products.

Only water.

//Must Read

These few things below are abomination to brothers suffering hair-loss symptoms.

// This is a no brainer – we have to ask ourselves what might have been the cause of it. It is usually due to practicing of bad habits that causes hair loss.
Going to the root and deal with the habit, will help win half the battle of slowing or preventing hair loss.

// Do not shower your head with Hot Water. You may think using hot water should clear excess oil in follicle/scalp. Wrong.
Hot water will cause your follicles to overproduced sebum that causes clogging.
Warm water is ideal. Warm water is when water is colder than the usual you can tolerate.

// Do not wash your hair more than once a day.
On some occasions, you can shampoo your head twice a day, but not daily. Washing your hair with your hair loss prevention shampoo is a harsh process for your scalp. Your Shampoo (technology proven products) that targets on hair loss should be able to control sebum/oil-production for about 12 hours a day.

// Do not use fingernails to scrape onto your scalp.
Sometimes you go hair salon for a cut and during hair wash, shampoo guy or girl will using their fingernails to “massage your beloved head”, yeah, that may feel pretty good but it’s hurting your scalp! If you’re guilty of doing that during your shower. Please stop.
Use the pad of fingers to massage your head with shampoo. (Pad of finger is where you use on Laptop trackpad)

*Always let your hairstylist and shampoo personel know you have oily scalp/hair loss problem. If they still using their fingernails, you have to tell them or change to another salon.

// Do not eat excessively.

//Optional – Don’t use conditioner (if possible)

But seriously, lifestyle and habits may have been the main culprit for our hair loss. Let’s be honest about it, we use expensive medication and good shampoo but we sleep late (gaming, work or nightlife activities), and we expect our hair to grow back. With good hair products, Hair loss will reduce to a certain degree but the problem is not solved.

Good luck and write to me if you have other hair loss products to introduce.

(I procrastinated for 4 months to post this….argh…sorry….)

Jewel Shower Head from Japan // Prevents Hair Loss

Update //

The shower head has done its due job, so far so good, but it could be also due to my hair growth cycle. January – February seems to be a good month for scalp treatments.

Hair drops lesser after shower. I am quite pleased to see a few strands on my drainage cover.
That said, I have to be careful of my treatments to be maximized during this period plus the help of this shower head.

hair loss-1

Original Post //

Last Year mom bought a soft water ceramic shower head from Malacca. And i tell you the water feels so soft….

When Miss HB first on the tap….she went like WOAH! Felt so good! These shower heads have micro shower holes(microns) which dispenses water in powerful pressure but very gentle on skin. I repeat, very gentle.

I’ve spotted in Tokyo Hands (Westgate Outlet) feature some very nice shower heads like my moms. Only difference is, the prices are 30 – 300 times more than moms ‘feels so good’ shower head. (Moms shower head costed her S$2.99 // Tokyo Hands – 0 | Mom – 1)

Most of these Japanese shower heads featured ionizing negative waters, de-chlorination, and health properties. There was one particular one that got to my attention. Jewel Shower. There was this description stated micro water pressure are thinner than hair, it reaches and cleanses pores and follicles making scalp sebum cleaner just with water jet itself. Yea, without shampoo. This is what i need man! I have been suffering from Male Hair Loss Symptom – Hair thinning.

But…It cost a whopping S$325 at Tokyo Hands. It was tempting to just grab and go, cool myself out and walk out of Tokyo Hands.Well, this is a need and i am not considered splurging right? Anyway i really have to do something to my oily sebum scalp. So I went online to do some research.
Lo and behold. Rakuten SG Cherrybell sells it for S$155. There are also some sellers in Rakuten Global.

Some visual description for you.

Photo Credit: Shop Nets bee – Rakuten Global

Did you see what i see? Got another enlarged picture for you guys.

They claimed that this scalp was after 1 minute wash with just water.

Photo Credit: elen-water.com

Usual shower heads we use at home dispenses water at about 20km/h, this shower head pushes water at 50 km/h to flush out oily sebum. Hmm…anyways i got mine. Ordered on 11 February, i told Miss HB this will be my Valentine’s Day gift. She happily obliged, cos she’s so stressed over what to get for me! Lol.

Parcel arrives on 20 February. 9 days shipping time direct from Japan to Singapore. Very good job. And it’s considered 2nd day of Chinese Lunar New Year, which is a public holiday. Kudos to Yamato / Ta-Q-Bin delivery guys.








Size: 60 (φ) m / m x 190 m / m
Operating pressure: 0.5-7.5 / cm
Shower Hole :0.28( mm ) m / m (diameter) 630 pieces
Fits into standard local water hose.

I don’t think i’ll be into the ceramics properties and it’s effects. My concern is how this shower head can help reduce my hair loss.

Jewel Ceramic Content //

Ruby // Far infared rays. Detoxifying properties.

Jade // Positive feelings

Emerald // Relaxes muscles and calm tension on body. Gives you the ability to think. (Wooo~)

Crystal // Positive feelings

Tourmaline // This is one of the most important material. It generates negative ions to water, balances PH. It breaks down water cluster into smaller sizes so that these micro water can get in touch with our pores and cleanse it. (Seems like our normal shower head aint doing it’s job?) Making our hair and skin soft.

Tourmaline is specifically used to treat motion sickness. It may also assist in restoring luster and shine to hair and nails.
Florence Megemont, The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals (Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press, 2008).

Maifan Stone // Chinese mineral stones which have traditional medical properties. Another important material as water filtration purpose (chlorine, toxic substances) and releases essential minerals into water.

You can find Jewel Shower Head ranging from $110 onwards. There are some in Rakuten Global.
I picked Rakuten SG – Cherrybell because of free shipping