Cafe Frangipani // Roppongi

Photo Credit : 福本英樹 Cafe Frangipani is ingeniously situated in a corner roughly opposite Starbucks Roppongi. When most stuff around Roppongi looks expensive. It is the most affordable when you have no where to go. Frangipani - it's a very unique place in Tokyo. What miss HB and I did was we went to Roppongi in... Continue Reading →


Outram Park Fried Kway Teow // Chinatown

The continual long queue at Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Stall is one of the highlight for good food located Hong Lim Market and Food Centre. If you're thinking this Char Kway Teow have high cholesterol and blah blah blah. Please refrain yourself from reading. Stop glorifying restaurant food (fast food) as healthy and our local delights as... Continue Reading →

Korean Hip Hop // Soul

Soul music has always been a genre I return to. The nights which I have my time alone are treasured moments.I will listen to Soul and RnB tracks while surfing or doing my work. KISUM 키썸 Feat JOOYOUNG 주영 // You And Me Catchy. KISUM is cute in this track. But JooYoung takes the cake. {Pun Intended} JOOYOUNG 주영 //... Continue Reading →

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