Cafe Frangipani // Roppongi

Photo Credit : 福本英樹 Cafe Frangipani is ingeniously situated in a corner roughly opposite Starbucks Roppongi. When most stuff around Roppongi looks expensive. It is the most affordable when you have no where to go. Frangipani - it's a very unique place in Tokyo. What miss HB and I did was we went to Roppongi in... Continue Reading →


Gontran Cherrier Tokyo // Shinjuku

GONTRAN CHERRIER TOKYO - Artisan Boulanger 新宿サザンテラス店   MISS HB sudden craving for croissants led her to use google to search for a good place to satisfy her desire. It's a rare occasion that this girl will lift her finger to google search for something. She took one full day reading reviews to decide for a place... Continue Reading →


Starbucks Tokyo is quite a charming place. But don't stay in there for too long. Cos you will be too lazy to get back up and on your day's itinerary. It's cozy enough for you to take a good break (because Starbucks in Japan are quiet enough for time of solitude, everyone speaks very softly.... Continue Reading →

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