NABEZO – Beef Sukiyaki // Shinjuku Tokyo

Beef Sukiyaki have always been my favourite when it comes to Japanese cuisine. So I made having Sukiyaki my compulsory itinerary. We asked our hotel manager to suggest some Sukiyaki store for us to visit. He first asked me for budget, because Sukiyaki can cost between entry level of 2000¥ to over 10000¥. We asked for mid... Continue Reading →


KOI Macchiato Fruit Series // Superlike!

Updated 11 January 2016 // Peach Macchiato - M/$3.4 L/$4.9  M/$3.2 L/4.5 // Mango Macchiato - M/$3.4 L/$4.9  M/$3.2 L/4.5 // Passion Fruit Macchiato - M/$3.4 L/$4.9  M/$3.2 L/4.5 There is this layer of pure heaven on the top. It is oh so good!!!! The texture is like melted butter and taste like super smoothed... Continue Reading →

Porter X Yoshida & Co. // Superlike!

For Personal Guide to Porter Products - Click Here Tax and Discount - Click Here For List of stores in Japan - Click Here Online Store - Click Here I remember year 2009, I walked into Porter outlet at Que Bayfront LinkBridge, Raffles Place, I was very sure Porter products won't be seen with me. The workmanship and design failed... Continue Reading →

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