Cafe Frangipani // Roppongi

Photo Credit : 福本英樹

Cafe Frangipani is ingeniously situated in a corner roughly opposite Starbucks Roppongi. When most stuff around Roppongi looks expensive. It is the most affordable when you have no where to go.

Frangipani – it’s a very unique place in Tokyo.

What miss HB and I did was we went to Roppongi in Tokyo by Taxi (¥1500), the purpose of hitting day wants to look at the Christmas lights. Upon reaching miss HB did not like the lightings so we got stuck there, we didn’t know what to do especially when we are hungry, so we went around to look for cafés restaurants and some bars. And you know what you found out?

Just main course will cost at least ¥3000, I wasn’t prepared to pay about ¥5000 (per pax) for my dinner. So we just walk and spotted a panel with photos huge omelette rice. We good outside, the fragrance got our attention, so we went to find out about the pricing, low and behold it’s not expensive!
The place was fully packed, so we have to poke in and out of the store to see if anyone notices us. Finally I think the boss noticed us and asked if we are interested to enter to have dinner. We have to wait for at least 15 minutes. Finally it’s our turn.

Anyway you see mini Volkswagen bus set up from nowhere and in there, a set of tables for four pax.

First order was always beer. 1/2 Pint Asahi. Something to note in Tokyo not many places serve Asahi Beers. Sapporo or Kirin are more common in Tokyo.

Next was salad, taste light and refreshing.

The following dish was Pizza, it is exceptionally and surprisingly nice. the portion was enough for two. We always enjoyed my pizza and spaghetti with Tabasco sauce, lots of Tabasco sauce.

Now, we come to the main dish, giant omelette curry rice. The portion was so huge, we will wondering how are we able to finish this dish. The whole presentation looks very appetising.
So we went ahead with our first bite, okay…you can skip this dish.

What’s nice in this place was the whole atmosphere where everybody just talks loudly, every tables were merry people, one Birthday Celebration and one Post Wedding Celebration (Bride dressed in Traditional Japanese Ceremonial costume, up close view). We stayed in Frangipani Cafe for close to two hours.

Got to speak to a Japanese girl which you can send in my gallery, who speaks good English. She returned from her studies in Australia. And we ask if there’s any clubs in Roppongi Hill which are fun and affordable. She suggested a few and we come to know that she is staying in the Roppongi hill Area. This is just a part time job for her. Rich Girl!

We went to look for clubs according to her instruction. Unfortunately, stumbled into a dubious one. So after looking around for bit more. We decided to call it a day.



Japan, 〒106-0032 東京都港区 六本木6丁目8−21 六本木眞興ビルSK六本木ハイム



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