Penang Delights Prawn Noodles // Ang Mo Kio


I like what Tiger Beer is doing.

So let me feature on Penang Delights. One of the place I frequent for the prawn noodles.
I my suggestion is to try both Soup and Dry. As for my preference, I preferred the dry version all the time.

My food tasting will always start with dry version, Any kind of Yellow noodles, combine together with soup, will taste bland.
If you don’t believe you can order the dry version and the soup version then try. Of course usually when you take Prawn Noodles, you want to have the soup version right?

And for your information, if you order the soup version medium size fresh prawns will be served. Dry version served with dried prawns.

Standard pretty much stays the same. I prefer having it during lunch hour, soup stays clear. During evening, the soup stocks gets too powdery and dry. Still delicious though.

I stay pretty near Ang Mo Kio, so heading to the coffee shop to get this have a food has always been craving for me. These days they close pretty early, almost before 9PM.
So for those of you who have yet to try the Prawn Noodles or Lor Mee.
Do it between lunch hour and before 9PM.

Sad to say there’s nothing much in the coffee shop apart from Chicken wings, it’s pretty good. But not the best I have eaten.

Blk 711
Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
#01-08 S11 Food Court


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