Korean Hip Hop // Soul

Soul music has always been a genre I return to. The nights which I have my time alone are treasured moments.I will listen to Soul and RnB tracks while surfing or doing my work.

KISUM 키썸 Feat JOOYOUNG 주영 // You And Me

Catchy. KISUM is cute in this track. But JooYoung takes the cake. {Pun Intended}

JOOYOUNG 주영 // All Of You

Sweet Soulful melody and voice. Good for a night session of light stretching or simply laze and chill on your sofa.

PHANTOM // Hole In Your Face (얼굴 뚫어지겠다)

Another old song I forgot for 2 year. In 2013, I played over and over it for 6 months. Sanchez voice is solid in this track. Listen to it.

JOOYOUNG 주영 // From Me To You 네게 난

A personal favourite, but i forgot all about JooYoung for about 2 years until listening to You and Me. Very beautiful song, underrated and not known. His voice is best singing such emotional track. If you have a good pair of speaker, i encourage you to turn it up alittle.

프라이머리 PRIMARY +오혁(OHHYUK) // Bawling

Another lovely soul i wish i could listen with a pair of good speaker. *Wish List // Monitor Speaker + Amp*

CRUSH 크러쉬 // 가끔

Nice jam just to accompany the rest of my tracks.

 CRUSH 크러쉬 // 잊어버리지마 Feat. 태연

Romantic, some acoustics and deeper bass to end this post. In my opinion, I find the vocal a little too forward. I prefer to listen to the balance between background music and vocal.

G-DRAGON & TOP // Baby Goodnight

How can i end the post without GD and TOP? LOL! The only one of the 2 tracks i listen to. (Other track is Don’t Go Home)


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