Gontran Cherrier Tokyo // Shinjuku




MISS HB sudden craving for croissants led her to use google to search for a good place to satisfy her desire. It’s a rare occasion that this girl will lift her finger to google search for something. She took one full day reading reviews to decide for a place to go the next morning. So i know this itinerary have to be fulfilled. LOL!

And so she have decided for Gontran Cherrier Tokyo. I did raise one eyebrow, like what’s that? Ok, time to go into Navigation mode with Google Map, it’s my best trip companion beside MISS HB.

After the search for this elusive place for close to 40 minutes. It has always been right in front of us, but we didn’t perceive a pastry store to be so secluded (in a nice way).

Croissant, Financier, Pain Au Chocolat, Almond Pain Au Chocolat, Mount Blanc


Ok you see the piece of bread with white icing, I think it’s Almond Pain Au Chocolat (See picture above) That one takes the cake, i can still remember the crunch on it’s sides and how chewy the insides were. The taste was amazing. My Favourite. SUPERLIKE!
Me being a Chocolate lover. No love for Miss HB’s croissant for me.
Mount Blanc was all right.

I highly recommend Gontran Cherrier Tokyo. Like DanielFoodDiary hinted. You can skip Tiong Bahru Bakery in Singapore

Gontran Cherrier Tokyo Official Website

Ranting Panda on Gontran Cherrier Tokyo


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