NABEZO – Beef Sukiyaki // Shinjuku Tokyo


Beef Sukiyaki have always been my favourite when it comes to Japanese cuisine.
So I made having Sukiyaki my compulsory itinerary.

We asked our hotel manager to suggest some Sukiyaki store for us to visit. He first asked me for budget, because Sukiyaki can cost between entry level of 2000¥ to over 10000¥. We asked for mid entry with quality meat. After he drew some circles in the map and finally introduced the place he frequent, Nabezo.
Tip: Always take recommendations from locals over blogs (mine included)
Tripadvisor is quite accurate. Just that they don’t discuss about obscure topics.

Took us about 15minutes to reach.

We quickly settle down and ordered Japanese Beef Beef and Pork Course // Sukiyaki and Pork Broth Soup Stock.
Since i’m already in Japan, i would of cos want to taste the authentic local beef and pork!

The quality of Nabezo Japanese beef and pork did not disappoint. I like my Beef rare – medium rare.
One thing odd, i have to mention here. In Singapore, I don’t like the practice of dipping my beef into the egg, because it tasted slimey and tasted quite bad.

But in Nabezo. I kept dipping my cooked beef slices into the beaten eggs! The layer of beaten egg actually enhanced the sweetness of my beef slice. Clean aftertaste  made me going for more.
Don’t take my word for it. Go Japan and try it.

It’s buffet if i haven’t mention. I had 6 servings of Beef and 2 Pork.


Overall pricing is quite steep for lunch. But it’s worth it for Beef and Pork lovers.
I will definitely do Sukiyaki in Japan again. It’s under my SuperGood and SuperLike list. 

Beef and Pork Course
90 mins 
(pls add 500¥ for 120mins course)
Above 13 year old // 2600¥
7-12 year old // 2100¥
Above 65 year old // 1600¥

Japanese Beef and Pork Course
90 mins

Above 13 year old // 4500¥
7-12 year old // 3500¥
Above 65 year old // 4000¥

Pork Course

Above 13 year old // 2400¥
7-12 year old // 1900¥
Above 65 year old // 1400¥

Soft Drinks Only (Unlimited) 400¥
Soft Drinks + Standard Drinks 1000¥
All Drinks + Draft Beer 1500¥

I recommend 120mins course if you’re going for beer and end your night with heavy dinner. It’s definitely worth it. 
For 120mins sitting, pls add 500¥ for on top of the listed price above.
*All prices listed not inclusive of tax (about 8%)

Search in Google Maps // 鍋ぞう
新宿三丁目店, Japan, 〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−30−11 新宿 高野 第 二 ビル 8F

List of Nabezo Outlets Click Here


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