Tokyo2015-Starbucks x x100

Starbucks Tokyo is quite a charming place. But don’t stay in there for too long. Cos you will be too lazy to get back up and on your day’s itinerary. It’s cozy enough for you to take a good break (because Starbucks in Japan are quiet enough for time of solitude, everyone speaks very softly. And you should too.)

Coffee is pretty standard across Starbucks. I do suspect Starbucks Japan is more accurate with the recipe concoction.
I had really bad tasteless ones in Singapore, also a fair share of overly sweetened coffee.
Can’t say too much about the quality of coffee as I only had it once.

I kinda like Roppongi Hill Starbucks.

Question: Can your Starbucks card be used overseas or internationally?
Answer: Starbucks Cards from Greece, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, or Turkey cannot be used internationally. 

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