Yoshinoya visit was for novelty sake. Especially my mum highly recommended it.

Yoshinoya was a formidable food chain when it first started in Singapore, it was very good. A meal in Yoshinoya Singapore average at about $8-9 (sgd)
I used to enjoy having Beef Bowl in the past. Now, I have to sadly say having a beef bowl lacked satisfaction. Mainly because the rice was too sticky and soft.

But Yoshinoya in home ground is a completely different story. But having a meal in Shinjuku Yoshinoya was a joyful experience.
First, the pricing is cheap! Look at the prices on the pictures of menu.
Food quality was good, their rice and beef really did set the standard back on track. Which Singapore sorely missed.
I had Hotpot Spicy Beef Set – comes with Kimchi side dish and Miso soup. I wished for the hotpot of original version, kind of regret ordering the spicy version. The uncle sitting beside me had original version was happily eating away. Damn jealous.
HB had Beef Bowl, hers was good.

Total price paid for 2 set // 1010¥

Should you go Yoshinoya Japan? YES. Especially if you’re on budget or already tired and hungry. Don’t wait any longer. Head in there and enjoy your meal.
But if you’re not a beef eater, then you will need to let them know first.

Yoshinoya Store – Location in Tokyo


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