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I remember year 2009, I walked into Porter outlet at Que Bayfront LinkBridge, Raffles Place, I was very sure Porter products won’t be seen with me. The workmanship and design failed to impress me.
Until Miss HB went to Tokyu Hands @ Takashimaya Times Square Shinjuku, to help her friend and sister-in-law look out for a Porter shoulder bag. I wanted to go hunt for my handmade in Japan Oxford shoes in  shopping malls. So I thought, we’ll run her errands at Porter first. After her stuff, will be my indulgence in shoes.

We arrived Porter in Tokyu Hands and I was like Ehhhh….then it went like hey! how come it’s so different from those I’ve seen in Singapore? I was skeptical about the material and price point. So i simply waited for Miss HB with her business. and just walked around the bags.
Glued to a haversack design, the Tanker…I forgot the actual name. It’s an encounter. Remember I’m not a Porter fan at all.

Then i came across Luggage Label. What’s this Luggage Label? Intriguing. So…i began to look at individual tote bags. Oh! it’s pretty good! Then slowly I became tempted to get one to try.

Why? Because Miss HB and her sister-in-law told me it’s much cheaper to get Porter from Japan. Ermmm…of cos the next logical question is, how much cheaper? And against what? No answer.
The next I did was to use my most limited Wifi connection to do a brief search and found revelation about the difference of what I always see in Singapore and those I see in Japan.

// Porter International
Seen in Singapore are made in Taiwan  

// Yoshida & Co. Porter
Seen in Japan are made in Japan

Singapore don’t sell Yoshida & Co. products. So there’s no point of reference. I allow the thought to sink and had internal conversation within.

Miss HB and her Sister In Law took about 2 hours to finally decide (via whatsapp) on the haversack. By then we were already tired and got out of Takashimaya. I didn’t even bother to see my shoes!
But that thought lingered with me throughout the night till we reach the hotel.

With hotel Wifi, my extensive study on Yoshida & Co. Porter bags went for 2 nights.
I then was finally convinced to buy a Porter Product. Based on 3 reasons.

1 // Made in Japan
I mean seriously, i wouldn’t want to go another country and shop for something made in China. (Aside from Supreme, it’s because of my little cousin….) I am sold to their Philosophy of “Heart and Soul into Every Stitch”. Really, I like idea of them having everything made in Japan. Authentic.
Btw, me been a fan of Yohji Yamamoto since 1994. He’s products are all made in Japan as well.

2 // Craftsmanship
Not mass produced. Once the model is gone, it’s gone. I like the exclusivity each products have. With the quality build Porter bags are reputed to have. I’m expecting at least 3 years worth of usage and I won’t like to see people around me holding the same bag design for the next 3 years.

3 // It’s a Christmas Gift!
Since getting a gift for me have been the greatest headache for Miss HB. I am usually easy maintenance. But when it comes to gift or presents. I have requirements. So my obvious lust for Porter products seemed to ease her burden. Actually I literally hung myself on Thom Browne Trousers (about over 200,000 yen) right in front of her. She walked away. I got the hint….so Porter it shall be. Still Win win!


// Guide To Porter Products (Not Online Order)

I only visited 2 Porter outlet. But observed they carry different products in different stores. Some limited edition pieces are only located in 1 or 2 store, out of so many in Tokyo stores. I had the privilege to have a English speaking Japanese staff to reveal more information on how the products were distributed.

(Yoshida & Co. Luggage Label are more prominent Porter in Departmental Stores)
Kura Chika Yoshida at Shibuya carries Limited Edition (few) and more sophisticated working class products. Overall, they have lesser products compared to other stores.
If you’re interested to get Porter in Tokyo or Japan. Use this list as reference: 
Product List and Info

This guide will help you save time and money. Trust me, you won’t want to go look at every Porter store for something that might have sold out. Or only in specific outlet.

In Singapore or 1 day before you head to Porter //

Note :: For people who knows the specific product they want 

Click on Product List and Info
Click on Product you like 
Click on SHOP LIST Button
Choose Color (If Applicable) and click Search
List of store details will display if item still available
Write down Product No. and color (This is important)
If possible take screen shots via phone or print screen via computer.
And also note down phone number of the store you plan to go.

Alternatively, you’re focused on the places you want to go //

Note :: For people who wants an overview of what the store sells 

Click on Kura Chika Stores
Click on the store you are likely interested to go to
In Shop Description, you can see Location, Tel, Hours, Holiday and Series, You will see small font sentence that says {See Handling Items} Click on it
In Product Page you will see what are the products available in the particular store.

In Japan //
This next step really is a test to your charm. LOL.
Head to your hotel lobby, look for a kind English speaking reception officer.
Ask them if they could so kind to help call Porter / Kura Chika Yoshida Outlet (Please limit to 2 outlets to call)
If they oblige, pass them the product number and details.
This will allow proper communication in Japanese to make sure if your product is available or not.

If not, you’ll have to head to the store of your selected product and have them help you check which other outlets have it.

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// Tax refunds and Discounts

Please check with Customer Service personnel before making payment.
You will expect 8% Tax refund.
How much total spending sum to qualify for Tax refund?
Your Tax refund will be refunded in Cash at the same location. Do ask them where to get your refund?

Bring your Passport along for Tax Refund.

Porter x Tokyu Hands :: Enjoy additional 5% discount for your Porter Bags + 8% Tax Refund. Total 13%.
Your Porter Product will be put into Tokyu Hands plastic bag and no briefing on the product features.

Kura Chika Stores :: No further discount. Store will absorb about 1.1% of Tax Refund. Which means your Tax refund is only 6.9% or slightly lesser.
Porter ServicePersonnel brief through product features to you and place it into Orange Porter Dust Bag.
Finally, your Porter item goes into Kura Chika Paper Bag with Porter Sticker.

Shopping Malls Store :: Should be same like Tokyu Hands. But i’m not sure about discount. Please ask qualifying sum to attain 8% Tax Refund.


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Complete Information Of Porter Store – SHOP INFO 
Link of Stores in Japan / Macau / HK / Taiwan –
 Kura Chika Stores
If you don’t have time to Kura Chika Stores, then to Tokyu Hands or Departmental Stores – These are the list of Dealers


For Online Shopping, please try Rakuten – Find Rakuten online shopping guide from ShuanWong
Do Google “Porter Bag HWZ” and you’ll find a group of loyal Yoshida & Co. Porter fans importing bags direct from Japan. There’s wealth of information in there. 

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