Finally got to visit the almighty Supreme. The meeting with Supreme was unfortunately an experience i wish to forget.

//Background story

My Cousin got to know from ma FB wall i’m in Japan, Tokyo. And she’s in Vienna doing her overseas trip. So…a whatsapp message appeared.

P: Kor kor…
me: Yesh
P: Will you be very nice and let me know if you pass by Supreme?! hahaha
(She told me what she want, Box tee, Cap, Hoodie)
me: Good Timing, yes I will want to visit Supreme
me: Ok i will take pics, i need quick response de, Of cos i will give you heads up 1 hr before i arrive
P: Swee…
P:Best Kor Kor ever

//End of Background Story

Arrive Supreme

Brief look at the store. Both Miss HB and me got the same reaction. Two words: Thats’ all?
Yah, I’ve never been into a Supreme store before.
Cannot take pictures. Sales Personnel quite snooty.
No choice, went up to the one of the Supreme and showed them the pictures (stuff my cousin wants). He shook his head. That’s all.

Last question, do you have Supreme Box T-Shirts?
Supreme: What???
Showed him picture.
Supreme: Soul Loud…
me: Erm Sorry…What? (I really didn’t know what he’s talking about)
Supreme: GONE…Soul Loud (plus a pinch of confidence)
me: Oh…ok thanks.

I left Supreme bruised. LOL. Btw, if there are readers still puzzled about what “Soul loud” is. It’s Sold Out. He used angmoh accent on me.
So i went to Studio Cafe and ranted to my cousin about it.

P: It’s Supreme Kor
P: They are like Hermes of street label

I wanted to reply. You come here and I see if you can take their Supreme attitude or not.
Anyway, we discussed what are the items existing in store.

Day 2, I got 2 items for her. Day 2 was another encounter. In short – we stood at the counter for payment, he literally gave me the “F*ck you Pay Me” look.
I don’t wanna talk about it, no more.

One Navy Blue Sweater was direct from Supreme Store, Red Jacket from Second Hand Shop.

Cousin -1
Supreme – 1
Me – 0


If you’re looking to have a great time in Supreme. Just focus on your time with the products. Not Supreme Staff. You’re being informed, be prepared.


I fell in love with one of the bomber jacket. It’s 48,000 yen; No F*cking Way I’ll Pay You.
Till next time Supreme, Over and Out. – SUPR

Supreme // Shibuya 神宮前4-32-7 2F


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