Midori Traveler’s Notebook X Tokyu Hands Shinjuku


Midori Traveler’s Notebook have been my journaling companion since 2013. First notebook was bought in Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City, Singapore. It cost a whopping $65 just for the leather cover and 1pc notebook. I was intrigued by some users on how they use it for their paintings and drawings. Some use it as notepad to scribble whatever they want.
Plus having raw leather as cover made me spend money on this product. (I’m a sucker for leather items)

Unfortunately, I lost my first Midori Notebook in an Airasia flight to Phuket. Sad.

So in this Tokyo trip, i made a point to get my Midori Notebook. Very happy to have bought it at $45 (after 5% discount when you display your passport) in Tokyu Hands –  Takashimaya Times Square // Shinjuku. It’s on the 8th floor of Tokyu Hands.
I didn’t spend much time in each floor except for Porter Bags Section, and Men’s grooming section. My hands were full all because the wifi device wasn’t working, i spent almost 4hours struggling to get network. (Will post a review once the company replies)

Back to Midori Notebook // Compared to Moleskine, this notebook is refillable and enable me to have up to 6 booklets in a leather cover. Each Midori booklet cost about $7. But i order my booklets from Taobao at $1.50 each. It is overall more economical for me.

If you’re interested to buy one, ask a friend to get it from Japan instead.
Both Black and Brown looks great. If you’re like me, you like, weathered look and end up with patina on your items. Brown leather is the way to go.

Stores selling Midori Traveler’s Notebook – Link

Kelly Purkey  My Japan Trip Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Awesome pictures of Midori Traveler’s Notebook – La Peterie Du Jour  https://papeteriedujour.wordpress.com


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