Commemorate // Lee Kuan Yew 1923 – 2015

Today marks the funeral of a very intelligent man of our era. The first Prime Minister of Singapore.

These 7 days, I found a Singapore i’ve never really seen. It’s so Singaporean, we are united. There’s no arguments or complains about foreigner or MRT breakdown or government policies. Everyone was sincere and everything i see in my facebook wall were display of kindness by we Singaporeans. I find it very beautiful.

About Mr Lee, he is no doubt a man who got things done for a small nation. The iron will and foresight he had for my country was amazing. He is undeniably the man meant to build Singapore. But he surely have a great team that went through thick and thin with him – men who might have been smarter than him! But the ability to make very tough decisions and stick by it makes him outstanding.

I write this post partially to honor the first Prime Minister. But more so, As a son to a father. I somewhat understand how the present PM Lee Hsien Loong feels.
Once again, my condolences to your family on the loss of a great figure.
I feel your loss and pain.

You can be very proud of your father.

Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew.


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