November 8 Cafe // Sin Ming Road

November 8 Cafe – Not bad at all. Really, compared to the well established restaurants and charging us customers exorbitant amount just for breakfast. This is one of those “all day breakfast” place that does it’s job pretty well.

The first impression of Sin Ming Road – Thomson V Two itself is not a easy place to find. unless you’re a regular around that area. You may require the help of google maps (i did) One of the major landmark will be Upper Thomson Road – Rochor Beancurd House 梧槽豆花水. You can either walk to Thomson V from Jalan Todak or Sin Ming Road. Again, entrance to November 8 Cafe is along Sin Ming Road. There will be posters on pillars guiding you there.

Overall – Great Value and Quality but good service lacking. I only arrive at 8:30pm, they may have been tired after long day at work. So service wasn’t as sharp? So i clarify, not that their service is bad, their service staff are simply lethargic, that’s what make the experience lacking.

The place have youthful vibes and there’s certain character to it. Not bad.




I actually like the open shelves they use to display their tea products. Very nicely done. My photo doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the tea corner.





november_8-7Eggs Benedict not perfect but food quality is good. Thanks to Miss HB.






November 8 Cafe // FB Page // Jiaksimipng Write Up

11 Sin Ming Road
#01-30 Thomson V Two

Singapore 575629


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