Year End // Bangkok – Chiang Mai Trip 2014


Click Here For Overall Review of Veranda High Resort

// Roast Cafe Bangkok

Good chill out place in one of unlikely place. Because all of us are used to waking up late. But WX really wanted to bring us to this place for brunch. So here we are at Roast Cafe. Their menu choices for breakfast and brunch are pretty extensive. This café crowd attracts more local than tourist. I am not really into their food quality. But the drinks are good and it’s really a good place to chill. 2014BKK-02 2014BKK-05 2014BKK-04 2014BKK-03jpg 2014BKK-07Egg Benedict with Salmon. 2014BKK-06 SeenSpace Thonglor 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 Facebook Page

// Talad Rot Fai – Sri Nakarin Road Soi 51

Before we move on, this is a reminder there are some blogs or write up wrote about On Nut station. It’s not about the place, it’s about the pronunciation of ‘On Nut’ None of the Thais, let alone taxi drivers understand where you want to go when you pronounce ‘Orn Nart’ or ‘Orn Nat’ or ‘On Nude’ It is pronounced as ‘Orn Noot’ / ‘Orn Nood’. There you go. Video // Night scene of Talad Rot Fai (turn down your volume)

Needless to say, there are many blogs raving about Talad Rot Fai. Go check them out! 2014BKK-11 2014BKK-12 Talad Rot Fai02 Talad Rot Fai03 Talad Rot Fai Talad Rot Fai // Thursday – Sunday 5pm – 12am

I strongly encourage you to look at the pictures in their own FB page // Facebook page

// Fly To Chiang Mai with Nok Air!

My first time flying Nok Air and the experience was a pleasant one. Especially when i wasn’t expecting snacks to be on our table. AirAsia or Tigerair don’t even give me anything when i paid so much. By the way, domestic flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was about 60 Sgd. So there, presenting Nok Kanom that made my trip very enjoyable. Kanom means dessert or sweet in Thai. You really got to hear Thai children say “Kanom”, super cute. 🙂

// Chiang Mai Airport – Public Transport / Taxi

This was where things got a little painful for us. We took a pretty long while before we realize there’s better and slightly cheaper way to get to our airport.  We initially headed out to the main entrance and asked the taxi drivers for their rates. Ranged from 400 – 600 baht. Nope.We know the price for single taxi ride is not that high. After about 1 hour of discussion with my friends. Asking about car rental etc. Finally, a very kind car rental service officer told us to grab the limousine service instead. It’s cheaper and more comfy. Indeed, the charge was about 350 baht if i didn’t forget. Initially, it was a sedan for 4 person and 8 luggages. They realized we were carry so many luggage and we were provided with MPV. Yes! No increase! Same price. It’s more comfy. I mean it’s not a public transport if you know what i mean. In case you want to know how to get to the limousine part. Here it is. This guide is only for those without Airport – Hotel Transport arrangements. // Upon arrival, you’ll pick up your luggage and head out of customs. Stay within the airport. This is important. Check your surroundings. There will be the main entrance in the front – you’ll see people always head out there first, then there are side entrances on the left and right end of the airport. (Please look at the map diagram – Arrival Area) Chiang Mai Airport Terminal Map If you are at International Arrival. You will see main entrance (facing entrance/road). Your point of reference is when you are able to see these Currency exchange stations. Look to your right and see there’s a small entrance. That’s the limousine Point 9 at Arrival Area diagram.

Chaing Mai International Terminal Exchange and ATMs
Photo Credit:
Chiang Mai Airport International Passenger Terminal
Photo Credit:

At Domestic Arrival. You will see main entrance (facing entrance/road). Your point of reference is Taxi Meter and Avis Rent a Car booth. I think it’s just right beside the main entrance. Look to your left and see there’s a small entrance. That’s the limousine Point 9 at Arrival Area diagram.

Airport Taxi Counter
Photo Credit:

Should the Limousine rates be high. You can head to the main entrance where taxi drivers waits there and ask for their rates then. Some pictures of us riding up Doi Suthep. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to visit my favourite Doi Inthanon.


Veranda High Resort

Veranda High Resort // Chiang Mai

Initial resort was supposed to be Panviman Resort, i believe the view will be better than Veranda High Resort. After reading at reviews at Tripadvisor, we decided on Veranda High Resort. Traveling from Chiang Mai Airport to Veranda High Resort is about 45 minutes. Travel from Chang Klan or Chiang Mai City to Veranda High Resort takes about 1 hour (before peak hour). This resort indeed is very serene. You get the feeling that you are entering into a place of untouched nature.












Miss HB was really frustrated with the heat of sunset at this point of time. She wanted to stay in the room because it has been properly air condition cool before our arrival. Alas, we all insisted to see the legendary pool view. The scenery doesn’t disappoint at all. See above. The reason why we need to head there was for my proposal, all my friends were on standby but we have to wait till 5:45pm exact for half the sun to fall right at peaks of those mountains. So that the strong sun ray will not cause my plans to foil.

So I suggested we go into the bar and have a drink. Relax. Miss HB as usual was clueless about things around her. The picture below shows you how strong the 5pm sun ray was that day, you’ll see everything gets better at 5:45pm.



This shot was done after I place the ring into her finger….talk about perfect timing.


During night time….temperature drops. Room service woke us up for breakfast at 8:15am. We did check on the temperature – 20 degrees. Very cooling day. Our last day ended with Amercian Breakfast by the balcony (note that this is chargeable as room service).

Very high quality resort. I will definitely go back to Veranda High Resort again.




Website Link

192 Moo2 Banpong Hangdong Chiangmai Thailand 50230

Tel. 053365007 Fax : 053 365 362 E-Mail : GPS : N12 44.442 / E99 57.894

More write-ups on Talad Rot Fai – // KampongCityGal //


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