Last Purchase with Paula’s Choice SG // SuperLike!

Update //
Thank you all for reading this post. Paula’s Choice SG is no longer around.
For future Paula’s Choice purchases, please go to this post.


If you had read my previous post about Paula’s Choice SG giving 40% discount for all products.

This will be my last purchase with Paula’s Choice local distributor. Any orders in the future will be with Paula’s Choice USA. Not sure how will it be done.

Anyway, back to my last order, this time round. There wasn’t any online cart for me to check. Everything was done by trust.  Called PC store to confirm order, Juslyn picked up. She was very sweet as usual and she confirm my order and payment method. I paid $113.40 SGD through Paypal on 6 March, Thursday.

My SmartPac parcel reached my letterbox on 10 March, Monday. 2 day delivery…Happy!

Paula choice-1

Pretty sad to see their comment in bold. It’s really bye bye to Paula’s Choice Singapore.

Paula choice-2

Paula choice-3

My purchase of Resist 5% AHA Daily Treatment, 10% AHA Weekly Treatment and 2 Bottles of 2% BHA Liquid.

Bye Paula’s Choice Singapore!


6 thoughts on “Last Purchase with Paula’s Choice SG // SuperLike!

Add yours

      1. hey sry for late reply, yeap i saw it but kinda exp without discount haha. in fact most of the US products seems to be alot more exp (even drugstore products) in singapore. Any lobang on where to purchase us durgstore products? haha


      2. Glad to receive your reply.
        Do you know that PC have it’s store at novena square?
        Yes, I suppose you are looking at those prominent brands from the states.
        For PC product price wise, I use 1 bottle of BHA (S$41) average of 4 months. So per month actually cost me S$10.
        Share with me what are the products you’re looking at?


      3. Yeap knew about the outlet. Well im looking at rly mainstream brands like neutrogena and olay for they carry a much wider range in the US w better concentrations of active ingredients. Like olay has a microdermabrasion thermal peel range overseas. IVe seen but aint sure bout the shipping charge to sg.


      4. I see, I don’t really look into mainstream or olay – too rich for my skin.
        As for shipping via VPost, base charge for any items will start from $13.40 sgd.
        I shipped 2 bottles of shower foam + kindle white paper + a dvd within a parcel.
        It costed me about $15 sgd. does free shipping upon us$35, maybe 3 bottles of products? So it’s pretty safe to assume VPost will charge between $15-20 sgd to deliver to your address.


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