Update // Paula’s Choice Singapore

31/12/2014 Update //
Thank you all for reading this post. Paula’s Choice SG is no longer around.
For future Paula’s Choice purchases, please go to this post.


Just called Paula’s Choice Singapore to find out. News Flash // PC Products at 40% Off

Seems like Paula’s Choice US have discontinued giving Asia-Pac rights to distribute PC products. You are still able to purchase PC product while stocks last.

There is only one way to order your products:

Select your products with Item No #, Item Name, Quantity, ask if they have stocks. Please only take reference at the Promotional price.
Email to customerservicesingapore@gmail.com

PC Singapore will reply your ordered items that are in stock and will give you their Paypal acc. (If no longer in stock or sold out, they will let you know)

Upon payment, they will send your products as usual.

Do look through the full list of products through this link – News Flash // PC Products at 40% Off

Just emailed my order to them and got a auto-reply. // Date 4 March 2014

We will reply to you as soon as we can. We are experiencing extremely high number of email orders due to our huge sale.

Thank you for your understanding

Please be advised that due to the high volume of orders and shortage of staff we will try to reply to your email as soon as possible. Please also expect delays in deliveries due to the manual booking of new orders.

Please also be advised Payments need to be completed to ensure that your order is has been filled. Payments completed have priority.

Thanks and regards

Let’s see how long will they take to reply.


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  1. Hey there, you can still purchase Paula’s Choice full range with us at beautycollectiveshop.com in Singapore! We do 1-2 day delivery, 48 hour guaranteed response time, and free shipping on orders above $65. Cheers! 😀


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