I am going to #Bangkok and meet #BangkokShutdown

Yeah #BangkokShutdown, here I come! The Bkk trip last Aug was postponed to 14-18 January 2014. This #BangkokShutdown protest is a peaceful march.

Many people have told me not to go during this period. But why? This is a new experience, I’m not going to be a a idiot and run into conflict zone. So what are the rationale of urging me not to go?

You won’t travel easy, traffic jams and no taxis. Granted.
Shopping Malls will close. Errr…not that I know of?
Violence during protest! Maybe, maybe not.

Actually, I only have 2 concerns. Please stay out of my clubbing spots, and don’t close Suvarnabhumi Airport!

This round, I’ll pay a visit to Mango Mojito, Sew & Needles and London Brown of cos. Just hope those bunch of demonstrators will be kind to let me have a smooth journey.

This trip will be so exciting but expecting half downer should WX and WQ opt for Hua Hin stay (alternative)So yeah, we did some calculation and risk management incase we need to make snap decisions.

As of now, Bangkok here I come!!!!

Something i did incase you guys don’t know what’s going on. Long history….just did the Protest arc.#bangkokshutdown#bangkokshutdown#bangkokshutdown



Oops, i forgot to mention, if all else fails. Military Coup will happen. It’s game over.

Update again!
Transport Ministry to open up 18,000 parking spots for protest – http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/388622


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