October Wake

Miss HB’s dad passed away and everything went downhill. Sad month.

We were busy tending to funeral preparations for 3 days. A day right after, she developed swell on her left cheek. Suspected infection due to stress and no sleep for 3 nights “heatiness”. Pain was so bad that she had to visit the dentist on day 4, minor surgery was needed to clear bacterial pus from her upper tooth. It was considered dangerous as claimed by Dr Ng Fooi Chin. If Miss HB allow the pus to stay for another day, it will reach up to her eye and eventually brain which might cause infections and complications. 2 tooth were required to be extracted in another week, cannot be taken out immediately due to the serious swell plus pus still flowing out…
After one week, Miss HB had her tooth extracted. Total bill of Minor Surgery + 2 tooth extraction // 1k plus.
Super ex, but she’s handled by a very good dentist/dr.

Since week one of October till now. We haven’t really got time for ourselves.

As for me, zero rest and warehousing at work led to minor bronchitis and knee injury.


Miss HB and I got to know one another 9 years ago. There were so much that happened then. I never got a chance to see her parents until this year.
There is one thing I wish to give thanks about.


I am thankful that I finally was given the opportunity to meet Miss HB father. We had only 3 conversations.

1 // When I was asked to transfer his medical pills to another bottle.
2 // Miss HB and I took him to SGH for check up.
3 // I visited him when he was hospitalized, he asked me questions and the first time he called me by my surname.

Took me 9 years to finally meet him.

Remember to tell your loved ones that you love them. Treasure them when they are still with you.


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