Breakfast // Ah Tong Coffee + Toast (Keong Saik Street)

Breakfast8My Samsung S2 have pretty much walked it’s final journey with me. Serious drops onto tar road, scratched lens. This round I’ve decided to push it’s limit to take only 800 x 480 images. Which means I am sacrificing details. Thanks Samsung S2 for being such a great image companion. You can take the back seat once Samsung Note 3 or iPhone 5S takes over.

This time we are at Chinatown area, I still find Chinatown in Singapore has already been urbanized and lost pretty much of our culture. My interest is in Little India, it is very much untouched in many sense. Hope to make a few trips there in near future for photo-logging before it changes.

Travel to NorthEast Line NE4 – To go Keong Saik Street, you should head to Exit A.

Breakfast9 Breakfast10 Breakfast4


Breakfast6Miss HB queued for mini bread, insisted on buying a few cos it’s nice. But it’s crazy cheap – $1.40 for 6 pcs of bun.

Then we walked to Keong Saik. Interesting nonetheless, but many shots didn’t make it.



Kopi O / Coffee Black was too thick and acidic, could actually taste coffee powder. Nuff said. Miss HB did the right thing by ordering iced Milo.

Now comes to our Kaya and Butter Toast. From the look of it. Looks pretty good – generous chilled butter slice in each sandwiched toast. So we took our first bite, kept quiet. By the time we both finish our first slice of toast. We both agreed that there’s nothing special about the toast. Trust me, we really tried to find something worthy to talk about – like air castle? But…all crumbled into pieces.
Miss HB is one of non choosy/fussy eater.

My overall experience in my breakfast is – Not my first choice for Kaya Toast and Coffee.

The next time I go Ah Tong Eating House, shall be for Zhi Char Stall located inside this eating house. I see most people having some claypot dishes and nodding away. Merry atmosphere right beside my table has made me very envious of them.Breakfast13Breakfast2
Nice place for photo taking though! Chao!


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