Dinner // Homecooked Chicken Herbal Soup + Fried Rice

HerbalSoup-04This is my first recipe entry. While I’m not good enough to guide in cooking. So I won’t be writing lots. Generally, I fare better when attempting soup and using the wok to baking. Wish I could bake though.

We bought 1 half chicken chopped up and 2 pieces large drumstick because to wash a whole bird is too much of a hassle. That cost about $7. HockHua Tonic store got this ready-packed Herbs for soup. HockHua uses authentic Herbs packed in boxes and ready for use. A box of Herbs with Ginseng for Chicken Soup cost $7.

Herbs in the box contains

// Angelica Sinesis 当归,
// Ligusticum 川芎
// Codonopsis 黨參
// Goji Berry 枸杞
// Chinese Yam 淮山
// Astragalus Bark 黃耆
// Polygonatum 玉竹
// Candied Date 蜜枣
// Dried Red Date 紅棗 (I realised there is no red dates in the pack so I added on my own)

// Another packet of ready packed ginseng herbs.

I prefer my soup to be thicker. Water is added according to taste. I started with 2.5 liters of water. And set it to high heat using induction cooker. The purpose here is not to attain clear soup, I would love to do a clear version. But time doesn’t permit. LOL. So it’s on high heat for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then medium-low heat for 1 hour.

I want to have the full flavor of herb and chicken. And for chicken meat to separate from bones with no effort, hence the longer cooking time.

My total cooking time was 2 hours.
3/4 pot of soup became half pot by the time i’m done.
If I have 4 hours of cooking time. I would have 45 minutes of high heat and the rest of 3 hours 15 minutes at low heat.



HerbalSoup-03Intially I thought the soup had failed, there was this dry aftertaste. I did not plan for remedy, so I poured in Goji Berries as my last step and had Miss HB to taste it. She said it’s good. Goji Berries saved the day?! LOL.

When i tasted, it’s smooth and not tannic. We really believe it’s Goji magic.


Thanks for reading my first Homecooked entry.

Very good article on Herbs // http://fatboo.com/2012/06/traditional-chinese-herbs-basics.html


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