P001 (S-Flux Chilly Thursday) // Random Writings 2.1


Random // Ever smile as a response when you’re in unfair situation?

Sometimes, we just get too bothered by what others said about us.
Every single comment became weapon against us, or at least that how we view it. And that causes stress. Our price of entertaining such thoughts would be – being unproductive, unhappy. I feel for my colleague who is suffering these right now.

Ever since I got back from May Bangkok trip. I’ve learned how easy it is to disregard a person’s nasty comment or retort and continue smiling anyway. Bangkok Trip on May 2013 was one with confusion, cos both Miss HB and I met some unfriendly Thais on at least 5 occasions, stunned by their reaction. We haven’t done anything that deserve that kind of treatment or (the nasty kind of)retort from Thais. I started thinking in my mind at first – maybe it’s the weather (too hot), maybe she’s having a bad day (quarrel with bf?), or business no good, we looked ugly?…These internal reasonings, actually unlock a new skill I’ve never experienced in the past. Like playing video game, there will always be this secret passage or stage which is waiting to be uncovered.

I have been known as a pacifist by close friends, always the one who siam (avoid) conflicts. But the first to retaliate if anyone steps on my tail. *bites*

I achieved the ability to smile and acted merry while being snapped at. As if receiving retorts or snapping from them were expected, i replied normally. This is almost godlike! I manage to evade confrontation and let anger get onto me – normal defense mechanism. I went the opposite, being abnormal. Instead, Miss HB became worked up and wanted to cast verbal spells on the Thais.

Obviously those smiles and merry state were fake, internal wrath very keen to manifest. It didn’t feel good to be snapped at, especially we are customers. I was even shocked at myself with those response, something must be wrong with me.

Personal Revolution, things weren’t as bad as I thought. I didn’t allow those situations to dwell for long, instead I got over it and enjoyed my remaining trip. Return to Singapore, again similar situation happened in office. When I’m faced in unfair situation at work, I did it again. My colleagues even asked me how come I can smile through those remarks or personal attacks on me. Most times I’ll shrug and said “Har? What happened? No la, it wasn’t that bad.”
Of cos I know very well what exactly happened, unfair is understatement. But then again, the more I reacted calm and collected. The more people around were puzzled.

I have attained the ability to sift out words from loved ones and unimportant people. And this is a very crucial process for me, and to share with my colleague who is suffering. Glad she got enlightened.

If anyone were to read up to this stage. I salute you. I wonder you even understand what I’m trying to write with this broken ang moh.

I’ll part with this //

Love your family and deserving friends (could be your boss. LOL). Open your heart to them.
But never allow trashy people to ruin your day (or life). There’s no need to always get into the fighting ring. Many times, we are better off walking away.


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