Dinner // Mookata At Katong

2016 Update // 

We last visited Mookata at Katong November 2015, twice and were disappointed with the soup and overall food quality.
Their standard fell below our expectations.
BTW, for people who recommended Mookata at Golden Mile Complex. I did, and the sauce was quite good, that’s about all in Golden Mile Mookata.
If you’re a true blue Mookata lover. Then make a trip to Chiang Mai and taste the real Mookata.
Then you will find there are actually many places that fell below standard.

BUT Mookata @ Bugis Junction is decent. Not as authentic though. And service is lacking.

Bugis Junction Mall
200 Victoria Street #02-53
Singapore 188021
Phone: 6837 0171

2013 //
Initially, our (Miss HB and me) destination was to Aljunied Spicy Thai – Thai Café.

Somewhat changed our minds, I think it was because it was a hassle to walk to Aljunied. So to Katong we go.

Situated right opposite Katong 112 mall. There is this pink Pig in their signboard. Upon arrival, we were told the restaurant is full, and was ushered by Mookata staff to key in my contact number into a tablet. It’s a reservation system that will call me to inform me when a table is ready. Cool!
Estimated waiting time – 30 minutes. But in less than 10 minutes, I got a automated call informing me the table is ready.

We ordered Set for 2 – A combination of marinated chicken (thigh), pork (collar), prawns, squid, suriyaki, streaky bacon, pork belly, fishball, meatball, crabsticks, otah fishcake, round cabbage, Chinese cabbage, kang kong, xiao bai cai, corn, golden mushroom, eggs, tang hoon and tofu.

For their menu – Click here

Mookata Dinner cannot end without beer, Singha become the perfect companion.

Apologies for the bad images. My Samsung S2 did not co-operate well with their lighting.

What I like about this Mookata is that they use traditional charcoal.
Number one thing we assess was soup base. There were places elsewhere where their soup were tasteless.
Mookata at Katong has got their soup right. It tasted very much like those I had in Chiang Mai. Very good sign and looking forward for the rest to arrive. One gulp Singha to kick off our Mookata galore, LOL!

Using Pork lard to oil or lubricate the bbq dome.

Look at this post barbeque lard, eat already can die.
What I like about Mookata Katong are the attentive and friendly staff in general.
I have much to praise about their food quality, but most credit will go to the soup.
Oh I didn’t mention that each table have its own exhaust pipe to reduce those smelly smokey odor from sticking onto us.

As a whole, our experience in Mookata Katong had been satisfying, in fact, exceeded my expectations.
Will bring my Mom one day to try it.


103 East Coast Road
Singapore 428797

Phone: 6344 2985
Email: info@mookata.com

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday
1200hrs to 1500hrs (Except Tuesday)
1700hrs to 2230hrs

Saturday and Sunday
1200hrs to 2300hrs

Last walk in @ 2130hrs daily.

Bus Stop @ 92119 (Roxy Square Along East Coast Road)
Bus Service: 10, 10E, 12, 14, 14A, 14E, 32, 40

Bus Stop @ 92111 (Opp Roxy Square Along East Coast Road)
Bus Service: 10, 10E, 12, 14, 14E, 32, 40


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