Bum + Laze (Y-Filter) Getaway // Batam Trip

August 8 – 10 spells a good time for Bangkok trip until we saw those exorbitant flight prices from budget airlines. Batam or Bintan doesn’t cost so much. Between this two island, we chose Batam. Don’t ask why, I forgot.

Ok, so we got up at 1030 to prep for Harbor Front Ferry Terminal. Our Prima Ferry departs at 1430, but leaving to Batam on 8 August is super crazy, so we have to check in earlier like 1330. In case anything gets stuck on the custom side. There are so many people leaving Singapore!

Roll your boat….. pretty accurately by 45 minutes, we have arrived Batam Harbor Bay. Slight drizzle.

Swiss-BelHotel Harbour Bay– Batam 109 SGD per night, we booked for 2 nights since staying 1 night makes the trip more tiring.

5 minutes walk from Ferry Terminal to Swiss-BelHotel Harbour Bay, nearly lost our way actually. Thank goodness there are signs that lead us to the hotel. Reception Lobby of the hotel. Check-in was pretty nice, cos the receptionist chit chatted with us, upgraded us to their suite floor and even offered to exchange currency for us. Please understand that it’s Hari Raya, no currency exchange stores were open around our area. We are not willing to use Singapore dollars.

Pretty impressed with the room. Cos I heard most Batam Hotel rooms are quite cannot make it. 2 single beds though. They helped us to combine our single beds together.

I love Rain Shower. So good!

Rain shower head. Shiok to the max!

There’s this supermarket called OGHome in HarbourBay Mall. Very spacious and clean. But not a lot of varieties. We got what we need and ran back up to our room.

Guess this is my one and only trip to Batam. I am more of a City guy, maybe a 10 days trip have a few days allocated in outskirts or quiet country side. I’d enjoy those.

Well there are few things Miss HB and I did i found enjoyable, you may wanna try it with your partner.

// Watch Harry Potter (esp if your partner haven’t watch it) or Lord Of The Rings or StarWars(esp 4 – 6!)
// Take artistic pictures (whatever that means)
// Buy wine, ask for a bucket of ice and drink. Repeat after you finish. (one night we asked for a bucket of ice and they didn’t bring to our room. Called room service, no one pick up. Woohoo!)
// The only advice for you: Don’t need to buy beer from Batam, very lite. Drink liquor.


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