EPIC ♥ – Color Run Singapore 2013 // Superlike!

We did a Color Run Singapore 2013 vlog. Just for fun! (Click on HD to watch)

Crazy, epic, fun was all i could describe about Color Run Singapore 2013 – the Happiest 5k on the planet. Could have been better, but lets look at the good, given it’s the first time in Singapore!

Some people may ask me, why you pay $50 to get colors on yourself? I think I’m glad to take part in Color Run Singapore 2013 because, firstly YOLO. Come on, we are already stressed enough, with work and studies. It’s good to just let it all out and liberate ourselves as a unified group to have fun at least for a day in SG! Close to mid 30s liao, we should really experience such events before we get too old for it. To add-on some fun, we all got colored ties and ran as a group. WX and Colin got Color Run socks and Sunglass. They looked so good – like 80s Porn stars!
Actually we wanted to go all the way with Afro head, Ballerina Tutu Skirts, Masks…but no one got it.

Strictly speaking, it’s not even a run, just good fun of colors being throw everywhere. We’re wave 7 or 8.

Station 1 // Purple-Pink
Station 2 // Yellow
Station 3 // Blue
Station 4 // Red

We noticed everyone ended up looking red or Zombie like. Red station was left out cos it covers the 3 earlier colors, It’s too overpowering. So we wanted to stand out only having Pink, Blue and Yellow.

At 1615, the atmospheric hype was too good to miss. Thumping bass and good house music during sunset. Ready for the “race”. Not a single second of regret. Woo hoo! Decided on retro pose of Michael Jackson, Elvis, Bee Gees, Colin is Freddie Mercury. Instead of jumping around, or going the Kamehameha thing.

I held on the camera, but not taking pictures, but videos! Not much pictures of me. Color Run Singapore 2013 Video Post coming up.

So exciting! Good crowd, all happy people.


Blue – We got the most powder here. Blue is a little dull on its own. But upon completing 5K. Actually Blue is quite nice. Heh.

Skipped Red after seeing all the walking red zombies and took some beach shots with beautiful sunset.

Finish with after party! Was pretty late by the time we reach the finish line, one of our friend lost her mobile at Pink station. So I got to backtrack and help her search for her phone, s4 some more! Hai…

Hang around power throwing party area for a while before the lousy DJ bore us with his CD changing. Went to get Bintang beers at 16 SGD for 2 bottles. Cheap! We just wanna settle down to relax.

Overall experience was wonderful. Crowd and energy contained by volunteers and runners alike by hi fives.
Here are some thoughts about the event.

// Walking a stretch after Pink station, path too narrow
// Major bottleneck at Yellow station
// Pre event music – good
// After event DJ – super bad (same guy????)
// Plan for another site if there’s another Color Run?

And something i wish to point out. There are people who questioned the purpose of this run, complain too expensive, don’t like to pay to have colors thrown at them.
Obviously this run is not for you.
You guys either are serious runners or belong logical group of runners. And scorn at people who pay for such mindless run, calling us dumb.
Really, our life is already stressful enough. Just enjoy while we can. A day out during weekend might cost us about 50 SGD or more. So this is a nice way to let out – do crazy stuff, have fun with light-minded people who doesn’t judge us as crazy. We pay 50 SGD for the freedom to be crazy for one evening. I don’t think it’s a lot.
My colleague asked, “why pay 50 SGD to have fun? Just go to the beach and scream, have fun. Free some more!”
Maybe people who don’t get it might never get it? So no point writing liao…

Lastly, big thanks to:

Event Organizer // IMG Worldwide Inc.
// CIMB Bank
// New Balance SG
// W Singapore Sentosa Cove
// Mini (BMW)
// Sentosa
// 100 Plus
// Fitness First
// Denon
// 98.7FM
// Lush 99.5FM

Color Run Singapore 2013 ROCKS!


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