Cool Experiment – Racer // Google

Racer game is not a app, this is a powerful experiment by Chrome // Google. Racer functions through Chrome Browser on the smart phones, tablets and ipads.

What happen here is – 1 race track, place your phone and your friend’s side by side. Start game or race. You can see your car race across your friend’s phone and back to your own, I think it is brilliant! Well watch the first video below if you’re not convinced.
If it’s an app or mobile function, I might go. Ok…or…not too bad.
But a browser?

This function called WebSockets which enables you to send data to devices that have Chrome browser. Chrome Experiments

AW SNAP – Your phone or tablet isn’t fast enough…
Oh well, what can I expect from my S2. But there are some people who claim they could play Racer using S2 though. Iphone 4 and below are also not fast enough.

Racer is damn cool la!!!!


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