SG Haze – Hazardous Mode x MOH // PSI 2013

Latest update //

The improvement in the air quality is due to a change in the direction of the low level winds over Singapore, from southwesterly to southerly, and prevailing wind conditions are expected to persist for the next few days.
1 / Elderly people
2 / People with chronic lung disease, heart disease or stroke,
3 / Women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy

should stop using N95 masks^ if they feel uncomfortable. You should consult a doctor for advice.

^ The use of N95 mask increases the effort in breathing and may cause discomfort, tiredness or headache. As some people with chronic lung disease, heart disease or stroke may already have reduced lung volumes or breathing issues, they should stop using a N95 mask if they feel uncomfortable. They should consult their doctor as to whether they can use the N95 mask.



One thing I think our government needs to beef up – is our local response time in times of crisis.

My ex-boss in government agency always said, we are too reactive. Not pro-active.

At this state, our ministers are scrambling to setup meetings with Indonesia…no problem with that.
Singapore Attends Emergency Haze Meeting Convened By Indonesia

What we are really lacking here are
1 / Masks
2 / Resources to combat this rate of pollution
While I give credit to Ministry of Health for their dedication of fighting Dengue Symptoms since last year till now. #sghaze came as a shock to them, maybe(?)
We can’t control the haze, but telling us “There is sufficient stock of N95 masks nationally to meet anticipated needs.” is seriously WTF. Where are the masks?
Then next FB response is “New stock of the N95 masks are on the way. MOH working with suppliers to speed up deliveries. Appreciate your patience, please.”
In the first place. Do you have enough or not!?
Really, I am not nitpicking on what MOH representative have said or what they posted in their Press Releases.
My suggestion for MOH is to be direct in your plans. Lay it out, what you guys are going to do. Be aggressively assertive over your position. (something like the SARS incident)
Wear N95
By being assertive – telling us where are the distribution points of masks. And what’s your next point of action.
As of the afternoon of 20 June 2013, there have been 7,000 and 21,000 N95 masks that have been distributed to Unity and Guardian respectively.” –
Don’t think it’s reaching us anytime soon…不要这样 leh. 不要骗我们 leh.

Ministry Of Health released Health advisory on haze – 20 June 2013

Minimise exposure by reducing outdoor activities and physical exertion

// Stay indoors as far as possible
// Reduce hours spent outdoors
// Reduce physical exertion
// Use N95 masks as appropriate, depending on (I) health status, (II) PSI level, (III) physical exertion and (IV) time spent outdoors

We are ready

* There is sufficient stock of N95 masks nationally to meet anticipated needs. N95 masks should be bought only when needed, there is no need to stockpile. The large retail/pharmacy chains (Guardian, Unity, Cold Storage and Giant) will have N95 masks available for purchase on their shelves by this evening.
* Hospitals and Polyclinics are on alert and ready.
* Additional bed capacity and manpower ready for deployment when needed.
* We will monitor the situation closely and respond accordingly.

Medical scheme to help those affected by the haze

MOH will implement a special scheme for the following groups suffering from respiratory problems and conjunctivitis because of the haze:

– Young Singaporeans 18 and below,
– Elderly Singaporeans 65 and above,
– Those who hold the following cards: Community Health Assistance Scheme (CHAS), Public Assistance (PA), Medical Fee Exception Card (MFEC), Medical Fee Assistance Card (MFAC)

// At Polyclinics
– All Singaporeans will pay no more than $10
– Scheme will be operational from 21 Jun 2013, 8 am.

// At designated GP clinics
– MOH will subsidise $30 per visit; most patients should pay $10
– Scheme will be operational at designated GP clinics progressively from 21 June, 12 noon. Please refer to the list of designated GP clinics

Btw, maybe this is a military tactic to takeover SG without engaging in war? Just saying.

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