Lunch // Mom and Me at Tim Ho Wan II

Today I shall try out the 四大天王 at Tim Ho Wan!
Mom initially saw the queue and wanted to go elsewhere and eat.
Mom doesn’t know what is Michelin star and I think is a good thing.
We are too commercialized for our own good. Branded here and there, eat also must eat star.
Everyone have to try something popular or new to keep up with times. But I guess I’m blessed being able to bring Mom to enjoy what she haven’t tried. She won’t queue for it in the future, I’m positive about it.

Our wait in queue took was slightly more than 35 minutes. Of cos with Mom grumbling and sulking away. Good tactics for ushers to hand us the Dim Sum order list, it actually distracted my Mom till we were ushered to our seat. Almost immediately, BBQ Pork Bun was first on the table. Ding ding ding! Mom looked at me and went, what’s this?

My reply “Char Siew Bao loh.” Mom laughed.

And to my surprise, the food were generally good this time round, better than part I. Mom was nodding her head as she munching away. Good? I asked.
She gave me a phrase – It’s worth it – generous filling for each dim sum dish. Especially for the vermicelli roll with pig liver. Vermicelli were thin and translucent, can see through.
Chilli sauce was uniquely done, tangy with Fermented Bean. She overall impressed with the quality of ingredients Tim Ho Wan used.

The rest of the dishes are pretty enjoyable. – Mom

We ordered –

A1 / Steamed Egg Cake (Malay Cake)
A2 / Pig Liver Vermicelli Roll
A3 / Baked Bun with BBQ Pork
A4 / Pan Fried Carrot Cake
B5 / Prawn Dumpling
B7 / Glutinous Rice Dumpling (No image)
C15 / Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp

Total plus GST – $43.20

As for me this time round, I find Baked Bun with BBQ Pork too rich for me, stopped at 2nd. Can still feel the bun inside my stomach.

My Favorite – Steam Egg Cake

As for me, I still wonder why Tim Ho Wan is a Star. LOL.

Read Tim Ho Wan Part I


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