Brandbox SG // New

Beep beep beep!

I received a notification regarding Brandbox (image below).
Wah… So i click and see what Brandbox is. Its a Bi-monthly box stuffed with special treats! My kind of thing.

1 / It’s Free
2 / Hand Delivered
3 / Unisex
4 / Curated Box with all the treats just for ME! Categories I’ve Picked!

Deals & Coupons
Beauty & Aesthetics
Travel & Entertainment
Health & Wellness
Sports & Adventure
Gaming & Technology

5 / I’ve registered!

Entered the website. Not bad, but one suggestion.  Add Subscribe button below also. (Below abit empty) Uncle abit lost after the last line, look for call for action, don’t have. Sorry ahh…

Subscription is fast. Just a few lines and you vroom…to almost finish. Go to your email inbox and click on confirmation and you’ll be congratulated.

Eh not bad k. Yay! You’ve been congratulated for doing nothing (just particulars) and receive something free.
Hope Brandbox reaches me soon!

Hardwarezone also got news of Brandbox. Seems like this box is targeting guys?


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