Hello Kitty x Fairy Tales + McD // FB Rage

Since Hello Kitty Fairy Tales X McDs – Wizard of Oz has sold out. – http://couponicious.sg/coupons/mcdonalds-hello-kitty-fairy-tales-now-till-03-july-2013/

Week 2 is picking up some heat with the popular Hello Kitty – Red Riding Hood. Even I’m drawn into this Kitty craze. My personal favorite is Hello Kitty – Frog Prince!

Still got Plushies Tracker or Kitty Tracker http://mcdgoplay.com/hellokitty/kitty-tracker.php to find how the sales of Kitties at each outlet. Not bad, like booking movie ticket like that.But short of Pre Booking system. Do better next time.

And this Tracker not live feed -Only update every day at 12 noon. Abit duh…but i give them credit for effort.

Hello Kitty Wizard of Oz // 30 May – 5 June
Hello Kitty Little Red Riding Hood // 6 June – 12 June
Hello Kitty The Frog Prince // 13 June – 19 June
Hello Kitty The Ugly Duckling // 20 June – 26 June
Hello Kitty The Singing Bone // 27 June – 3 July
Hello Kitty McDelivery // Till 3 July

Anyway, what I wanted to say is how McD managed the McDelivery Hello Kitty – Witch thingy

Hello McDonalds, Ho Sey Boh!?
Please find other avenue to distribute your Witch Hello Kitty. Distribution bottleneck is way too narrow, till customer service and food quality is affected. McDonald’s core business is food industry, not selling soft toys.
How come their focus always goes off course when it comes to Hello Kitty har

Don’t need reminder on Hello Kitty 2000 right? How come still the same?

McDs Facebook page quite epic.

Recent Posts by Others on McDonald’s Singapore on the right of the page, click on [See All] and view feedback and comments.
McDs FB CS team last posted on 6 June 2013. After that. . . . . . . . . . .

Ice Lemon Green Tea – Only available till 3 July, limited edition and not sold in all outlets.

Actually, i also worry for the Aunties and Uncles working in the kitchen. Imagine the stress they need to handle during lunch hour.
So again, to those who go to McDs during lunch hour

// Please forget about food quality and don’t expect service standard.

till 3 July.

The verdict of this incident- McD is smart to bring Hello Kitty in as marketing strategy – drive traffic to Fast Food outlet, but they fail to realize that Hello Kitty products are too much for them to handle. You just can’t handle the Kitties! LOL. People are willing to queue up not because of your meal + Hello Kitty can, they queue up just solely for Hello Kitty. Period.

In the end, negative impact.
6 June 2013, Facebook CS vanished. Busy calling up customers to apologize?

More reads:




Anyway McDs Marketing and PR team – good initiative. You gave Hello Kitty fans a good reason to queue for their McDs value meal.

An you still got till 3 July to make things right.


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