Love A Little More – Moon & Walker // Random Writings 1.1

I always wonder how people get so much time to blog and type so much words. Must look for some celeb bloggers and ask them man.
Anyway, I’ve finally posted those photos of my Bangkok Thailand Trip!!! It all ends! Muahahaha.

Eh…Actually I do have another trip,

but this time round It’s with the guys.
Do a Hangover 3? Easily, by looking at the way we club every night 9pm to 4am, at least. There was once we broke the record of clubbing till 8am. That was, pure torture but 101% fun. The best part of being in Bangkok, is when you meet nice group of Thais that knows how to have good clean fun. The night is amplified to epic fun and that could last from night till morning.

Sorry, no more Funky Villa this time. But WX like Funky….please please, don’t go Funky liao.
I prefer more local clubs – Nunglen and Escobar Insta #nunglen // FallabellaEditoralReview // The Novel // Safehouse

This July Bangkok trip should be purely drinking and clubbing and Chatuchak shopping.


My colleague shared this link and asked me to read. I truly feel for this blogger – BunBun facial experience was epic jialat, to the max. Summary of her blog entry.

Bun Bun went for facial treatment. Acne formed on her face within the span of 4 days. And those acne were extreme. Skin doctor also bo pian. Still got one doctor prescribe expired cream to her!!! Seriously, for a beauty blogger to get these level of acne. I don’t know how else to say, anymore i will need to curse liao. Go read and you know what i mean.

My Horrific Post-Facial Experience. You Need To Read This.

As a guy, the reason why I don’t want to go for facial treatment is because I don’t want to let another person’s hand touch my face. If anything goes wrong. Can’t blame them also.

Just Can’t Stop Listening, Ride The Universe Remix. How cool is that?!

Lastly, I confess i’m a BreakBot fan. Download Phoenix- Trying to Be Cool (Breakbot Remix) HERE! [link]


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