Bangkok // State Tower at lebua

State Tower lebua Bangkok

I’ve been telling myself to post my pictures before May ends. And now i’m doing so.

This is a 2 night stay at 5 star hotel – Club Tower at lebua.

This was booked as a surprise birthday gift for Miss BH. And it’s all worth it.

I had the best experience with lebua, their guest oriented service and personal touch left me speechless. And till now, I still miss my stay in lebua.

There were several rounds of email conversation regarding the Birthday Cake order with the Reservation Officer (very patient lady).

Miss BH birthday falls on the second day stay at lebua. So i plan to get a cake on the first day and celebrate with her when midnight strikes. Got to decide if I am to order a cake from the lebua or buy it from cake store when i reach Bangkok, maybe at Siam Paragon or any shopping malls. But buying the cake from cake store requires special ninja skills to disappear from Miss BH when we go shopping, teleport myself with the cake and flowers back in the hotel room and teleport back to her side again. So that when we head back to lebua. When the clock strike 12 midnight, I can magically make the cake and flowers appear.

Ninja Skill – Don’t have.
Teleport – Don’t have.
Magic – Don’t have.
Ops plan fail.
In the end, guai guai order cake from lebua through email.

We arrived Bangkok really EARLY like at 8am. (Miss BH gave wrong flight info – Funny and teeth gnashing miscomm.)
Hotel check in time is 2pm. Dilly-dally at Suvarnabhumi Airport, went to get our Thai sim card, Miss BH got her DTAC Happy for 199B and I got my AIS card for 3xx+B at 9am.

Finally we took a taxi to lebua. Miss BH didn’t know where we are going to to stay, but she knows what lebua is. Hee. I told the taxi uncle the hotel address without saying lebua. We arrived lebua at 10am. The idea is to unload our luggage at the lobby and hang out somewhere. Naturally, I went to the check-in reception counter to let them know we have arrived, call us if they have a room ready.

Duty Manager smiled and replied “Give me a moment Sir, I may have a room just for you.”
She confirmed that we could check-in immediately. We were given the highest floor of Club Tower!
Eyes lit bright. Sweetest thing that could ever happen on Day 1.

Then I threw a special request. “Do you think I could have the cake in our fridge by tonight at about 8pm? We will be out to shop from 5pm till 11pm.” At first, she explained to me their policy is to give the cake on guest birthday itself(which is Day 2) Cake is not ready on the Day 1.
So I explained that I wanted to celebrate at midnight. You know? Like surprise? She got it.

Phone call made to the F&B department to see if it could be done. Then she gave a OK hand sign.

Check-in briefing, we got upgraded to level 59 of Club Tower Riverview Suite.

The Duty Manager then called for a Guest Relations Officer to guide us to our suite. She communicated very clearly of my birthday cake instruction in my presence and specifically reminded GRO that Miss BH doesn’t know a thing about it. Excellent stuff.
In the elevator, the GRO briefed us on our breakfast venue – Cafe Mozu or Breeze. Our complimentary drinks and light lunch etc.

Ting! Level 59 and…

GRO opened the door and lead us to the room. Making sure we are satisfied with what we see. And also to see if there is anything else she could assist us. As usual, I asked for ironing board.

Two scenery views above from balcony were taken from Miss BH iPhone 4S. Because I was busy on the phone with the hostess, what to write on the birthday cake. Everything was conversed in Thai so she wouldn’t understand – just write Happy Birthday and her name in her passport. In case if she hears her own name, she’ll suspect. By the time I’m done with the call. Miss BH had messed up the room enough for me not to take any decent pictures. We pigged out after shower. 11am to 3:30pm.

The pink thing there. Snuck out from my luggage.

Below: Party in the bathroom.

Preloaded music albums. Cool.

At 5pm, before heading out to shop at Siam Square, I went to reception and told another group of Reception Officer (afternoon shift) that they could put the cake in our room anytime from now.
They got it and assured me that the cake will be in the fridge, 2 pax table set up with candles and match sticks. Perfect!

This floral store at Siam Paragon Ground floor is a gem. It is right below the escalator and opposite MK Gold restaurant. But too bad I wasn’t allowed any photo taking.

If you wish to order cake from lebua, do take note of their available selection.
1 / Chocolate and Crispy Praline Cake
(above):Dark Chocolate sponge topped by a rich and soft chocolate cream with layer crispy praline.
2 / Apricot Cheese Cake
: Classic American cheese cake bake on top of crispy sable base and glaze with apricot reduce puree.
3 / Almond and White Chocolate Mousse Cake
: Rich almond topped with a light chocolate cream and a light white chocolate mousse.

Those who have never tried Smirnoff Ice. Please do yourself a favor. Buy it from any 7-11 store for about 75B.
It’s not even considered liqour(4% alcohol?) and it’s really yummy!
Not sold in Singapore.

Nespresso Coffee Machine and complimentary shots of coffee!

Acca Kappa Amenities – White Moss Series
Ok, i didn’t expect them to give Hair Brush. Oh, you got to see the size of their toothpaste. Impressively huge.
Small Box on the right – White Moss Soap is 8.50 USD. It’s for us to wash our hands…

My favorite, shoe section. Lovely set of shoehorn, brush, mitt and sponge.
Wait, there’s more, look below…

Complimentary Shoe Shine service. Put your shoe in the bag. Call concierge and they will ring your doorbell to pick it up within 5minutes. So good I can cry…LOL

I like the little things they do.

Tower Club suites are located from level 51 to 59, their suites offer fantastic views of the majestic Chao Phraya River.
Acca Kappa amenities, free soft drinks in mini-bar, Nespresso machine complimentary in-suite broadband Internet access, and priority dining reservations at The Dome.
Exclusive access to the Tower Club Lounge on level 52:

Free flow Light Lunch – 12pm to 3pm
Afternoon High Tea – 3pm to 6pm
Free flow of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – 6am to 6pm
All complimentary!

This access is open to Club Tower guest, not lebua hotel guest.
In other words, if i feel like bingeing, just stay one whole afternoon at 52 floor.
But….i didn’t get to enjoy any of it! Because we have no time!

Visit to The Dome at lebua

Open daily from 6pm – 01am.

Very strict on Smart Casual attire. There will be a legion of hostess standing by the lift to scan you head to toe to check on your attire.Especially for Gentlemen, please take note.

No Athletic clothing, Sports uniforms, or ripped clothing.
No Shorts or sleeveless t-shirts.
No slippers, beach sandals, Birkenstocks, or “flip flops”.
Gentlemen should wear fully covered shoes.

It’ll seriously be a waste of time to travel to see The Dome at lebua and get rejected due to improper dressing.
To prevent yourself from being rejected by the hostess. My advice is to wear Shirt (Short / long sleeves shirt or Polo T-shirt), Jeans and Shoe (Sport/gym shoes are fine). Just wear how you’ll wear to clubbing or Atas wedding dinner.

Some personal tips:
Be prepared to face the LV or Chanel kind of staff treatment should you choose to challenge their dress code. (I got stung before, the first time. Wore T-Shirt and Jeans) You may have read some nasty reviews regarding how guest have been treated during their visit to the Dome.
So dress well and have a good time there.

Honestly, is skybar worth going? It’s too crowded for my liking.

But if anyone were to ask me if lebua is worth it? Absolutely!

Next up – Café Mozu

Tower Club at lebua

Nearest BTS Skytrain – Saphan Taksin Station

1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand.
T: +66 (0) 2624 9555
F: +66 (0) 2624 9554


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