Morning Breakfast // Bangkok – Café Mozu at lebua

Morning // Café Mozu serves International food for breakfast. Daily from 6am to 11am.
Club Tower at lebua guest get to pick their breakfast at two location.
1 / Café Mozu
2 / Ocean 52

We opted for Café Mozu, why? The spread is much wider than Ocean 52. Ocean 52 only serves Continental Breakfast, likes of cheese, ham and pastries aren’t going to be funny for us.

But Ocean52 is best suited for folks who wants privacy and beautiful view of lebua modern structure. You can do anything at your own pace in Ocean52.

Not so for Café Mozu, this place serves Indian and Lebanese cuisine after breakfast. Some parts of the deco have lots of colourful cushions. Right beside it is the swimming pool. I am always scrambling to try reach for the next dish. Always busy busy busy walking around and snapping away using my Samsung S2. LOL!

The most awesome thing I see here is – They bake on the spot! Serious! Lovely Croissants being pulled out of the firehole and cooled.
Darn cool. Miss BH saw the bread selection. Her first word was “woah 面包店啊?” (Confectionery)
Right opposite are the drinks, soup and congee section.

They did their own concoction of jams. Had the Lemon Grass Raspberry jam and some Honey Jam.

Below // The row of Beverages + Cereal

Interior of Café Mozu

Sausages and Ham were divine!

These pictures are just a few of the goodies in Café Mozu. Go stay in State Tower at lebua  and have a full experience.

Café Mozu

Mozu Floor

All day dining: 6am – 1am (last order at 11.30 pm)
Breakfast is available from 6.00 am – 11.00 am

(66) 2624 9555


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