Johnson&Johnson // Formaldehyde And Other Cancerous Ingredients

I know this is old news. But still worth sharing.

Johnson & Johnson pledges to remove all toxic substance in baby products as of this year 2013. 1

The rest of their products will be reformulated and go toxic free by 2015.

Read Johnson & Johnson media release 2


There’s no pledge for Johnson & Johnson adult products to go toxic free. Adult Product range here.3

It must have been shocking for people to realize that hygiene and personal care products you grew up with actually contains hideous ingredients that causes cancer.
Health Promotion Board only told us about the unhealthy food, like Char Kuey Teow, Fried Oyster Omelet, Fried stuff in Hawker Centers and Food Courts. Why didn’t HPB warn about the danger of trans fats and sodium content in food in Fast Food Restaurants? Why only target on Hawkers? Right, back to Personal products.

Sometimes you think, why are there so many people getting cancer these days? We blamed Cigarettes and Unhealthy Food. A person’s normal reaction on personal products are “Aiyah, I use little bit only, won’t be so serious one.”
You use it everyday, abit becomes alot. Duh…

Any way This is not a revolutionary news finding. These findings have been around for the longest time, companies (J&J, P&G, Loreal Grp, etc) with financial might concocted up powerful marketing PR angle to evade direct damage. Lots of cover ups done as well.

But one thing i wish to point out here is, I applaud the courage and responsibility of Johnson & Johnson to face the music. I believe the first incident that made Johnson and Johnson known for their response to crisis was – Tylenol recall incident in 1982.4

Their legend status started from 1982, they showed that they cared enough even at the cost of losing money. The company led by James Burke, spent $100 million to recall 31 million bottles of Tylenol and re-launched the product two months later in tamper-proof packaging.5
The response of one man helped his company gain reputation of “If something goes wrong, they won’t hide. They’ll fix it.”
Such value has eroded beyond recognition in our present society. Everything in business are profit driven and nothing else truly matters.
In fact is these positive response that helped them emerge building consumer trust stronger than ever.

Johnson and Johnson is no angel. But they are doing something that they believe is right.
If you conduct checks on L’Oreal Group, P&G and Unilever. You will not find them admitting to toxic substance used. They’ll turn away from deaths caused indirectly by their products because the living are always more than the dead.

Just a important note for all consumers not to be ignorant about the contents in your personal care and food products.
Best to read up more about what is in the products you use daily.

Other sources

New York Times

The Star


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