Bangkok Trip – Thailand // 2013

// 1 May – 5 May 2013

Have procrastinated posting this series of pictures for the longest time.
So i figured out I’ll just post it my Bangkok Trip post first.

The rest will just be posted quickly! I hope…
I’m gonna post on my stay in Tower Club at lebua and Mozu Cafe.

Btw, I’m pretty impressed by my Samsung Galaxy S2. It takes decent pictures, not as sharp as i would like. But the quality captured are better than I expected, most of these outdoor pictures were taken when I’m walking. I guess the super hot sun does help with lighting.

Pratunam Market
Even though there wasn’t even walking space (something like Bugis Village). Street Hawkers are still able to squeeze through the crowd and sell stuff. Impressive as always.

Kuang Heng – Khao Man Gai // FB Link

930 Petchburi Rd. Ratchathewi
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

Pretty famous Chicken Rice introduced by Miss BH, she insisted that I have to try it.
We missed it on the first night and had Chicken Rice in the wrong stall.
Second time we got it right.

Walking direction to Kuang Heng Chicken Rice from Platinum Mall

When you finish your shopping from Platinum Mall.

1 / At entrance and you’ll see the main road right in front of you.
2 / Turn right and walk straight till when you hit the messy junction.
Important Landmark to note: You know you’re on the right track when you walk against the traffic, you can see Dunkin Donut on the way and The Palladium Mall (pretty tall building) diagonally across you.
3 / Walk straight and cross the road.
4 / You’ll see the first Chicken Rice stall, that is NOT KuangHeng Stall.
5 / Walk on, you’ll see the second stall. That’s the one.
6 / Double confirm…triple confirm…you’ll see their signboard, there’s Facebook logo with “like” hand-sign. Got QRcode some more!
7 / Ok, enough confirmation. Go in and eat your KuangHeng Chicken Rice.

In my opinion, honestly…the sauce is pretty good, but this Chicken lice can skip. I just post for novelty sake.

Chatuchak Weekend Market/ JJ Market / Jatujak Market

I usually don’t like taking taxi to Chatuchak Market. Prefer taking BTS train to Asok BTS station. Transfer to Sukhumvit Subway station , take Subway train to Kamphaeng Phet Subway/MRT Station and then voila…Chatuchak Market!

Most tourist take to Chatuchak Park station, but i suggest taking to Kamphaeng Phet.

Got to get my fix of Cha Yen // Thai Ice Milk Tea

Ba Mi Kiao // Wanton Noodles

Cha Dam Yen // Ice Tea Black


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