Morning // Jin Chen Coffee + Tian Fu Bee Hoon

Reached office place early and thought I could have Bee Hoon with Kopi-O for breakfast.But the queue for both stalls were pretty long. Happened to discover both Tian Fu Bee Hoon and Jin Chen Coffee Stall after observing frequent queues, yes they’re side by side. So I just gave it a shot. First was Fried Bee Hoon + Noodles, it is one the better stall in Raffles Place CBD area selling Economic Bee Hoon. (My colleague reported there’s a stall sellin Economic Bee Hoon, texture is like rubber band!)

Then after about 2 weeks of having the same stuff. I tiptoed to the next stall (Jin Chen) and asked for Kopi-O/Teh-O. Strange territory…

Got to office and opened the cover of my Kopi-O. My first sip – thumbs up! Rich, balanced. Slight aroma and finally, the taste doesn’t overwhelm my breakfast. I am a person that is especially sensitive to aftertaste and breath after having food.

So today is my Jin Chen Coffee + Tian Fu Bee Hoon routine.

Note of caution to all who does Hot drinks take-away.
Recently I’ve witnessed staff of Old Tea Hut slotting the plastic carriers into their Styrofoam cups, and a row of it dropped onto the ground and rolled alittle. You know the edge where the cup touches the lid cover were in contact with the ground. And that edge is where our lips will sip our drinks from…
Old Tea Hut staff were mindful of hygiene and placed those cups away.
But I wouldn’t say the same for other places. Fingers Crossed.

So today, i poured this Kopi-O into my Starbucks mug!

Jin Chen Coffee Stall
Market Street Food Centre
50 Market Street
#02-30 Market Street Food Centre

Tian Fu Fried Bee Hoon
50 Market Street
#02-29 Market Street Food Centre

Kopi-O // Coffee Black


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