The Day When I Stood Still – My Acne Horror Story

I remember when I still had pretty good skin condition which girls would be jealous over. That was 12 years ago, when i was 20. But I was extremely ignorant about skincare, didn’t care much about it. In those days, we only know how to use Cleansing Foam or Face Soap. Anything else is too troublesome and time consuming.

Until when I got into National Service enlistment. When training was sweaty and dirty. I remember when we had to do strenuous exercise, training push ups and situps and roll on the ground. My face will get stuck onto the ground at times. (No strength to push myself up. LOL!) Everytime when my face gets near the ground or grass, i always remind myself to get my face cleansed.

One fine day my Squad mates were in the supermarket getting some groceries, I walked past the Skincare section in Novena Square Cold Storage and found a bottle of Oxy Deep Pore Acne Cleansing Pads, thinking this should be my first step to proper skincare. Exfoliation is supposed to be good right? Yeah, this product changed my life…

First, let me share my first application of Oxy Deep Pore Acne Cleansing.

Round One – Saturday before book out. Took 2 pieces of cleansing pad, started rubbing on my cheeks and throughout my face. Pressure applied was equivalent to using sandpaper on a piece of wood. I thought the harder i rub, the more debris hidden within my skin will be removed. I ended the regime, proud that I’ve finally went beyond the cleansing step. Reddish skin when i got out of camp.

Round Two – 3 days later, Monday. Another round of sandpaper scrubbing. There was feeling of my skin stretching, itch and dryness formed on my face.

Round Three – Tuesday, repeated application another 2 days and it hurts like crazy. Bumps started to form and acne spots appeared throughout my face, especially on my cheeks. That’s The Day When I Stood Still infront of my mirror.

Waves after waves of pus filled acne attacked my vulnerable cheeks for 12 months. It’s clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are red and swollen and have pus at the top. Many appeared in clusters and filled my cheeks area. I seriously couldn’t stand seeing all the acne and started using my fingers…to pick them, squeeze them. And more appeared, worsened.

There were facial therapist who told me this condition was Cystic. But i am more inclined to think it is Pustules. Maybe it’s mix of both. It took me 4 years altogether to calm this hormone raging complexion.

I have withstood time and now I live with with the scars and potholes to remind me to care good care of them.

Some things I’ve learn through this experience:

1. Be gentle to your skin.
2. If you feel uncomfortable during application. Stop. (Ok, i suppose no one is as stupid as me.)
3. Find out more by reading about your skin condition. Ask if you need to understand more.
4. Don’t rush and expect results. Like slimming, it doesn’t work when you rush it.

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